I'm going to make some people mad with this article, but I'm really not here to make friends. I have been to 3 of  Cage of Fury's shows, this was my 1st time covering the event. As always,
the St. Charles Convention Center is a great place to hold events.  Promoter, Terry Madden, did a fantastic job of set-up and promoting the event. The place was nearly full. Now comes the
bad part, the match making sucked! Now, I understand that crap happens where fighters back out and such, but this was not the case in the majority of these fights. Not all were bad
matchups, but the majority were.  

Starting off the night  @ 187, Blake Chatham (Berger MMA) vs. John Steinkraus (Indep.). Steinkraus was no match for Chathams'  standup (running from punches). Blake takes him to the
ground, gets him in a guillotine choke and makes him tap @ 1:51 of Rd. 1.

Next, @ 155, was Ralph Carnahan (Devestation Fight Club) vs. Shawn Floyd (Indep.). Both fighters have never won a fight (Carnahan was 0-7). Floyd takes him right to the ground and
starts the G&P. Ref stops the fight @ 59 seconds, TKO.

Two of my favorites are up next, Malshawn Ball (SWAMP) vs. Titus McDowell. Both of these kids were fun to watch, They were evenly matched and went to the 3rd round. Malshawn gets a
DEEP Rear Naked and gets the tapout @ 1:14.  

Fight # 4, @ 155 was Eric Hall (Bushido DoJo) vs. Shane Polite (Indep.). Hall takes Polite down right off the bat, sinkd in a Rear Naked and gets the tapout @ 32 Sec. of round 1. Next up, @
155, Kagen Mullen (Team Fusion) vs. Alex Voitkovsky ( USA Stars Judo).  Both fighters were wailing on each other in Round 1, could have gone either way. Round 2 starts with Alex taking
down Mullen and raining down the punches. The ref warns him several times to defend himself, but stops the fight due to strikes @ 55sec. of Rd. 2.

They threw a couple of grappling matches in for the next 2 fights because the fighters were so unevenly matched. Joe Foti vs. Josh Lohan (Lohan gets the win) and Gary Becker vs. Steve
Dittrich (Dittrich gets the win).

Fight # 7 was a good fight. #1 ranked Josh Weston (Farmington MMA) vs. Mike Foster (SWAMP). This one goes 3 rounds with both fighters wanting to stand up with each other. The judges
issue a split decision for Weston.

This next fight should have never happened also. Up for the Cage of Fury 145 title was Yohance Flager (Berger MMA) vs. Justin Bush (Team Aware). Flager is ranked #3 in the bistate area,
he slams Bush to the mat fracturing several ribs and the fight is over. Flager gets the win @ 27 seconds of round1. This is how fighters get injured!!! You CANNOT match up guys with more
experience than the other!!!!  

The next fight was suppossed to be the last of the night,  @ 172, Matt Bryant (Berger MMA) vs. Jarnail Stamps (RIOT). This was a belt fight also. Bryant gets the takedown, starts beating  
on Stamps and the ref stops the fight, TKO @ 2:22 of round 1. To end the night, they matched up some guys who were there and wanted to fight.

At 170, Chris Eckstein (Indep.) vs. Kevin Schoeneger (Knuckle Up Fighting Systems). Schoeneger gets the Takedown, sinks in a Rear Naked and gets the tapout @ 53 sec. of Round 1.

I try not to get involved in the BS that goes along with all the different shows out there. I also try to be as fair and impartial as I can. I have my favorites, just like everyone else, but I am here
to hopefully make things better for the fighters. Noone wants to see anyone get severely hurt and have to spend the night in the hospital or to see a fight were another fighter gets
slaughtered either! Match these guys up evenly or as close as possible and people will rave about how good of a fight it was.
Cage of Fury's "Vindication"
Great Promoting,
Poor Match-Making!!
Story by: Jen Wolf