AFC XVIII, "CHAOS!!" a HUGE Success!!
Story By: Woody Woodham
Written by: Jen Wolf

AFC Promotions Mr. Donnie Davis Jr. has once again brought a great show to their venue at SCOOTER's II in Poplar Bluff, Mo. As SCOOTER's II is a great venue with a balcony that surounds the entire lower section of
the Night Club and has a bar and seating which over looks the CAGE below, allowing the fans a great view of the action inside. The waitress' here are always promt and on time with the delivery of your drinks and
orders, and such pretty young women they are too. As the fighters dress in a closed off section of the balcony their entrance is down a flight of stairs and their walk to the CAGE is an anticipated one, especially for the
first competitor awaiting their opponet.

This was an CSC snactioned event and once again Donnie's Match Maker Brad Wick put toghther a great card for this event, as he had Teams PUNISHMENT out of Kennet, Mo, ABSOLUTE MARTIAL ARTS out of
Festus, Mo, TEAM PSYCHOSIS out of Dexter, Mo, TEAM KODIAK out of New Madrid, Mo, TEAM AWARE out of St.Louis/Fenton, Mo, TEAM PITBULL out of Sikeston, Mo, PERRYVILLE PUNISHMENT out of Perryville, Mo  
and mISSOURI'S 2008 TOP TEAM, TEAM DESTRUCTION OUT OF PHYSICAL FITNESS in Ironton, Mo. with 78 wins and only 12 loses throughout the club.. Brant Bristow 185lb now of Team PITBULL returned after a
year off, due to surgery. (unrelated to his MMA competitions)  HvyWht Nate Taylor was to make his come back after a two year absence, but due to a personal emergency HvyWht Ray Clayton  had to withdraw from the
competition. (We wish you well bro, we hope everything is alright) Unattached Competitors were Ryan Walker 170lb from Dexter, Mo, Ralph Carnahan 155lb from Zalma, Mo, Josh Faries SprHvy from Dexter, Mo, Bobby
Lewis 155lb from Branson, Mo. and Tracy Green 170lb from Bloomfield Mo.

All of these Teams and individual competitors are all a great bunch of guys and as my man Perry really enjoys the competition he's received from these SEMo boys, he just can't wait for me to allow him in the CAGE
again. (Hopefully by Aug) But as we have been coming to SEMo. to compete for the past couple of years, other than a very few have we grown close to, but at this event I went around and tried to speak to all of the
competitors and their trainers (we're sorryif we missed you) to find out where they are from, the fighting styles taught and trained in their gyms and to get their views and opinions on different things going on in our
sport. Come to find out SprHvy Hank Hill an New Madrid City Policeman, had a story concerning one of my cousins arrested the previous week in New Madrid, Hank informs me that my cousin is now being evaluated
in Farmington State Hospital, because he doesn't want to whoop just one police officer, Hank told me, he wants to whoop the whole force. Seems Hank knows a couple members of my family from SEMo.

We finally got to meet with Dr.Joe Worden of FUNCTIONAL FITNESS and home to TEAM DESTRUCTION out of Ironton Mo, it seems Dr.Joe has some great things going on with his crew. As we also got to speak with
Eric Irvin 2008's KICK Int.'s NATIONAL 185LB AMA MMA CHAMPION, of whom informed us that he is looking for one more ama bout prior to turning pro this summer and apparently Eric's long time friend and
teammate Mike Zaricor is going to go pro with him. I for one will miss the action these two bring to our ama cages, as both of these young men  have been extraordinary competitors and their performances in the cage
are always exciting. As both are looking for one last ama bout, we hope they get the fights they're looking for, with worthy opponets and we wish you luck in your journey thru the next level and the ones to follow, we'll be
watching you.

The fights were great, even though there wasn't one that lasted beyond the first round, the winners were impressive with their winning techniques, as new comers to our MMA Competitions Sport,

In bout #1: 130lb  Aaron Gilkey 1-0  TEAM PSYCHOSIS def  Scotty Baily 0-1 TEAM PUNISHMENT; these two youngsters put on a good showing of themselves as they came out swinging and grappling and attempting
take downs against each other from the ding of the bell, throwing punches the whole time and actually landing some good blows against each other while also defending against each others takedown manuvers,
these young men were impressive to watch for their first match in the cage, then all of a sudden Gilkey shot in for the takedown and suceeded by landing in Bailey's guard and quickly worked his way to half guard and
posted up and started some G&P and even though Bailey was defending so masterfully, he TO and remained laying on the mat in a ball until his trainer came in. As  I couldn't see what happen to cause him to tap, I
asked Trainer Tim Smith about it later and was informed that when they went to the mat, Gilkey acidently kneed Bailey in the groin during his transition to half guard, that went unseen by the Ref and Bailey wasn't able
to recover from the blow. Good fighting in there Scotty, keep up the good work.

bout #2: Renner has some impressive moves and his G&P was awsome,  170lb Donny Renner  ABSOLUTE MARTIAL ARTS def Joey Mullins 0-1 TEAM PUNISHMENT @1:45min in the f1st RD via TO due to strikes, .

bout #3 Drextton came out with a flurry of strikes, left and rights, Green wasn't able to defend properly, 170lb Drexton Dannenmueller 1-0 PERRYVILLE PUNISHMENT def. Tracy Green ?-1 BLOOMFIELD, Mo. @ :19 in
the 1st. Rd  via TKO.  (Tracy Green Placed on 30 day Suspension via Cageside Doctor, Green able to return after June 2nd).

Bout 4: Bobby is another of whom just came in striking and didn't stop until the ref stopped him,  Bobby Lewis 2-1 BRANSON,Mo. def. David Ward 0-3 TEAM PUNISHMENT @ :32 in the 1st Rd via Referee Stoppage
due to Strikes .

Bout 5:  Justin Bush ?1-? TEAM AWARE def. Matt Estes 0-1 TEAM PUNISHMENT @ 1:19 in the 1st Rd.  via Tapout due to choke.

Bout 6: Now this was a match I'd been waiting for. Brant just back after a year off due to a surgery, (unrelated to MMA) and had received info that he had really been working his ground game. As he was competing
against Kelly Burch, I knew he'd need it, Kelly trains out of Functional Fitness, Dr. Joe Worden and for TEAM DESTRUCTION 2008's Top Team. And these boys put on a good show, as they started out standing up they
were both getting in some great shots, they danced around a bit like that and then Kelly went for the shoot and took Brant down landing in a converted side guard and issuing some great G&P; Brant being the 'Tough
Guy' that he is was doing a great job blocking and defending against the onslaught, when kelly noticed that this wasn't working he swung around and went for an armbar and sank it in;  Kelly Burch 9-3 TEAM
DESTRUCTION def. Brant Bristow 5-2 TEAM PITBULL  @ 2:19 in the 1st Rd. via Tapout due to Armbar.

Bout 7: Now this match started out great but it wasn't long before Hughes took control  and litterly beat Josh into submission;  Lee Hughes 1-0 TEAM KODIAK def. Josh Greer 1-2 TEAM PUNISHMENT @ 1:02 in the 1st.
Rd. via Tapout due to Strikes.

Bout 8:  Bradley Bailey 1-0 TEAM PUNISHMENT def. David Miller @ :50 in the 1st Rd. via Tapout  due to Rear Naked Choke.

Bout 9: Now this was a match that we had been waiting for also, as Ralph has been there for us since the beginning and this young man is of a Non-Dying Heart, as he's yet to win his first match, this young man
shows up to perform and to test his most resent training methods in the cage against all comers, we wish you luck bro;  Bo Smith 2-0 TEAM PUNISHMENT Def. Ralph Carnahan 0-6  ZALMA, Mo. @ :35 in the 1st. Rd.
via Tapout  due to Guilotine Choke (Ralph Carnahan placed on 30 day Suspension via Cageside Doctor, Carnahan able to return after June 2nd).

Bout 10: Ryan is always and enjoyment to watch as he may KO his opponet usually in the first round and to my surprise he's not to bad with his grappling game;  Ryan Walker 8-6 DEXTER, Mo. def. Montoya Swilling
?-? REAPERS MMA @ :19 in the 1st. Rd. via Tapout  due to Standing Front Guillotine Choke.

Bout 11: These two had a great start and continued striking as they danced around choosing theuir shots, Henery seen and oppertunity  and really poured it on hard and heavy from which Mitchell could not recover and
defend against;  Henry Hill 3-0 TEAM KODIAK def. Darnell Mitchell 1-1 TEAM PUNISHMENT @ 2:02 in the 1st Rd. via Tapout  due to Strikes.

Bout 12: Jeremy Freeman of Sikeston, Mo. never fails to impress me, and he didn't here;  Jeremy Freeman ?-? TEAM PITBULL def. Joey Moore ?-? TEAM PSYCHOSIS @ :22 in the 1st. Rd. via Tapout  due to Guilotine
Choke (Joey Moore placed on 30 Day Suspension via Cageside Doctor, Moore able to return after June 2nd).

Bout 13: As a big fan of Hanks, I really felt disappointment for him in this match, as upon his entering of the cage and Josh finally realizing Hank's true size, he froze and wasn't able to compete against Hank; Hank Hill
6-0 TEAM PITBULL def. Josh Faries 4-2 @ 2:57 in the 1st Rd. via Tapout due to Strikes, Hill retains his AFC Super Heavyweight Title.

Scheduled matches that wasn't performed;  Gary Becker TEAM AWARE vs Brandon Sisco TEAM DESTRUCTION; Becker injured knee prior to match and Nate Taylor TEAM PITBULL vs Ray Clayton St.ROBERT, Mo;
Clayton had to cancel due to personal emergency............INTERVIEW WITH DONNY DAVIS Jr. OWNER/OPERATOR ABSOLUTE FIGHTING CHALLENGE

I Just back from covering an AFC Event, Promoted by Don Davis Jr., in South East Mo. As usual AFC's Match Maker, Brad Wick put together a great Fight Card with the young AMMA fighters that are from SEMO. And they
truly have some great AMMA fighters in that area, but it saddens me to see that the other amateur MMA competitors from Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee aren't coming to challenge these young
men. At present these young fighters and teams have only themselves to compete against as it seems the other fighters are afraid to challenge them.

These young competitors have been competing against each other so long that they have all become friends over the past few years and we all know that you aren't going to go full force with a friend, as one will
always be afraid of injuring the other. Thus most of their bouts end in the first round. AFC is a great organization to fight under as AFC/Donnie Davis Jr. is a promotions company with Combat Sports Commission, the
newest sanctioning body for our Amateur MMA Sports here in Missouri and of whom in cooperation with Missouri's Sports Sanctioning Authorities, have and are bringing about great changes to our sport and creating
a better and more protective competing atmosphere for our young amateur fighters to allow their continued growth and maturity in our sport Through their training and competitions. And as such, AFC carries all
required insurances and liabilities for any fight related injuries and provides great hospitality to their traveling fighters, reimbursing their gas funds and providing great sleeping accommodations at a local hotel, I see
no excuse for our traveling fighters not to want to come and compete against these young fighters and teams, (unless they're scared) as Southeast Mo. is home to some of Missouri's best Amateur MMA Fighters.

They've got Jason 'The Cageman' Aldridge, TEAM EVOLUTION out of the Poplar Bluff, Mo. at 185lb, and presently holding 6 Championship Title Belts for both 185lb and 205lb, ranked as one of Missouri's top AMMA
fighters, (due to training, Jason is out of competitions for the next couple of months) Eric Irvin, TEAM DESTRUCTION out of Ironton Mo. at 185lb, 8-1, Eric is 2008's KICK INTERNATIONAL's National Champion and it
seems there is none willing to challenge him, as he is looking for one more AMMA competition prior his turning pro this summer, Spr Hvy Wght. Hank Hill, TEAM PITBULL out of Sikeston, Mo. at 296lb, 6-0, this man is
"BIG" and apparently just too intimidating for anyone to want to step into the cage with him, Hvy Wght Nate Taylor, of TEAM PITBULL also, leaving a record of 8-0, Nate has just returned from a 2 year absence from our
sport and is ready to compete against any takers, Brant Bristow (VIDEO ABOVE) of PITBULL also, at 5-3 (out-of state stats un shown) 185-205lb (just back from a years absence due to elbow surgery) this man is
always a number one contender and one you have to defeat to fight the champions and he is tough as nails, so you better be if you're wanting this challenge, Kelly Burch also of TEAM DESTRUCTION at 185lb, this is a
young man to be reckoned with, as Kelly presently holds 2 Championship Titles and already he's looking to come and take yours, Jerry Hall TEAM DESTRUCTION also, AFC's 135lb Champion and also named as #6
in the Tri-state area by the Ground and Pound Show of the Riverfront Radio, this young man is awesome in the cage and he has just been scheduled to re-match Jeremy 'Spider-Monkey' Freeman also of TEAM
PITBULL, another very impressive fighter of whom has just been ranked #7 in the Tri-state area. (this bout is to take place on June 27,2009 in Kennett, Mo. for AFC) And this is no mention of TEAM PSYCHOSIS out of
Dexter. Mo., TEAM PUNISHMENT out of Kennett, Mo. and a long list of individual fighters from the Bootheel of Missouri.

So how about you, got the skills and abilities to compete against any of these young amateur MMA fighters? AFC is just beginning to put their Fight Card together for their June 27, 2009 event in Kennett, Mo. If you are
interested in competing, please pre-register with COMBAT SPORTS and contact AFC MATCH MAKER Brad Wick at BOOTHEEL BOMBERS on our top friends list. MORE TO FOLLOW, PICs, VIDEO's
and OF OUR COVERAGE OF AFC's XVIII "CHAOS" (presently awaiting info and conformations, and videos to be processed)
Woody Interviewing CSC Director, Brad Wick, at the Recent AFC Show.
(left)Brad Wick, CSC Director, doing
the Fighter Rules Meeting before the
start of the AFC XVIII, "CHAOS!!"

(right)CSC Referees Rodney Grither
and "Big" Don Davis Sr..