Story by: Jen Wolf

It's time once again for CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS, Promoter-Patrick Smith, to host another event in Sullivan, Mo. This event will take place at the BIG EAGLES HALL and as usual Coop has put together a great card for your
entertainment. A personal friend and worker of some of my own kinfolk is competing in his first Cage match in this event, good luck Dan. And they have a GIRL FIGHT scheduled also, out of STEVE BERGER's MMA Barb
Honchock 4-1, also joining Barb is her is teammate Steve Dittrich at 3-1; we also see some of their local talent as the Willoughby brothers are performing. And the grand finale is a Championship Title Belt Bout, in which
Calvin Cunningham has once again challenged another Title good opponet, Mike Maddock. As it seems that Calvin has placed his sites on every 155lb Championship Title Belt in Missouri and as to date he hasn't failed
in getting one yet, at present Calvin is the proud holder of 6 Championship Titles at 170lb. This is a show that we'll not miss, as MMA/Ama League Reporter's whole reporting staff will be there to cover this event. So
please come out and meet and enjoy the show with us.



Pleas note: The scheduled matches are subject to change
and not in order as writen below.

170 Daniel Foster 0-0    vs     Lance Isner

155 Mark Eagleburger    vs    Joe Freeman

125 Barb Honchack 4-1   vs    Jessica Phillipus

170 Galen Sells      vs     Ben Lavere

170 Robert Willoughby    vs   Clayton Shatswell

145 Steve Dittrich 3-1     vs    Eric Willoughby

185 Greg Redding     vs    Jose Cassilas

155 Dave Smith     vs     Anthony Bedrosian

205 Colby Tierney      vs    James Keith

155 Calvin Cunningham  vs *Mike Maddock for the CSC NE Regional Title

HvyWht Rob Philippus      vs      Riff

The BIG EAGLES Hall in Sullivan, Mo. was the perfect venue for CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS, Mr. Pat Smith's 17th Event. It was my first time seeing one of (Match Maker) Coop's FIGHT CARDs in action and hopefully not my
last. It was a great night of fights, with a little controversy, but all in all, a very good show.

Starting out the night, at 170 was Robert Willoughby (0-1, Fighters United MMA) vs. Clayton Shatswell (1-0, TCB Fight Factory). This fight SUCKED. At the very beginning of the fight, both fighters got the nod from the ref to
begin. Willoughby raised his hand to tap Shatwell's, he returned to tap, or acted like he was tapping the hand. The second they touched gloves, Shatswell issued a right hook that knocked Willoughby out. The crowd went
CRAZY with the boos. In my opinion, it was a cheap shot. I know that it was not an illegal move, but it was still CRAP! Most everyone I spoke with agreed. However, Shatswell still got the win by knockout @ 10 seconds of
Round 1.
But on a side note, Combat Sports has suspended Shatswell for 60 days for unsportsmanlike conduct in the cage and CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS has BANNED him from ever performing in the events again.

Now, on to the good fights.

Up next, at 155 was Anthony Bedrosian (0-0, Independent) and Dave Smith (0-0, Sullivan Athletic Club). This one only went one round. Smith shoots for the take down, throws some punches and gets Bedrosian in an
arm bar. The ref stops the fight @ 2:27 of Round 1. Bedrosian wasn't happy with the stoppage, he thought he could get out, but it was pretty sunk in. I personally don't like seeing  someones arm pop either!

At 145, Kyle Russavage (0-0, Rich Humpers MMA) and Rusty Knophel (1-1, No Excuses MMA) were great to watch. They started with the standup, Russavage issued some beautiful kicks, and go right to the ground.
Russavage ends up on top, gives a few strikes, but Knophel gets out and delivers a KNOCKOUT punch. The ref stops the fight @ 1:35 of Round 1. Knophel celebrated by doing a back flip which really got the crowd

The BIG boys were up next. At SuperHeavy, Nick Patrick (0-0, Independent) and Ryan Sturma (0-0, Berger MMA) both were making their debut. WHAT A FIGHT!!!!! Round 1, both fighters came right out after each other. It
was non-stop action. Both had vicious punches. Patrick takes Sturma to the ground and tries for some punches, but Sturma has good closed guard. They clinch up for a while and Patrick gets Sturma's back. He tries to
sink in a choke, but doesn't have it in good enough. Sturma reverses and takes Patrick's back just as Round 1 ends. Round 2 starts with Sturma coming out swinging. The crowd is going nuts at these 2 battling. Sturma
lands a punch and gets the Knockout @ 13 seconds of Round 2. What a way to start out your fighting career.

Fight #5 of the night, @ 160, was Daniel Foster (0-0, Fighters United MMA) and Joe Freeman (2-3, Rob Ward's Outlaw's). This one was over QUICK! Freeman goes straight for the take down, gets Fosters' back and
sinks in a Rear Naked. He taps @ 30 seconds of Round 1.

The next fight goes all 3 rounds. At Welterweight, Galen Sells (4-2, Rob Ward's Outlaws) and Ben Lavere (1-0, Berger MMA) were evenly matched, strength wise. They clinched most of the time, the ref split them
numerous times. Both threw some good punches and knees, but Lavere was given the decision by the judges.

Fight # 7 was between Eric Willoughby (5-6, Fighters United MMA) and Steve Dittrich (3-1, Berger MMA). At 145, Dittrich is ranked #5 in the Midwest, so I expected this to be a good fight. Boy was it! Steve goes right in for
the take down, Willoughby tries to lock him up, but Dittrich is quick. He gets full mount unleashes some Ground and Pound,  Willoughby turtles up. The referee stops the fight @ 2:30 of Round 1. Look for some great
things from Dittrich, his only loss came from the #1 ranked guy.

Another FANTASTIC Heavyweight battle is up next. Rob Philippus (2-0, Sedalia Welcome Mat) and Riff Lewis (6-1, TCB Fight Factory) were amazing to watch.They both were aggressive right off the bat. Riff opened up a
gapping cut on Philippus' head that gushed every time he got hit. Blood was flying everywhere! After 2 rounds, both fighters were gassed. Neither one had any energy left for Round 3. They basically stalked each other
around the ring the entire round, which the crowd HATED. It goes to the judges who issue a split decision  for Rob Philippus. The crowd and I did not agree. Riff didn't have a mark on him and Philippus was badly beaten
up. What do we know, though. None the less, it was a great first 2 rounds.

Next up was a belt fight for the 125 lb. Title for the women between Jessica Philippus (0-0, Sedalia Welcome Mat) and Barb Honchack (4-1, Berger MMA). Jessics was making her MMA debut and Barb is a seasoned
fighter out of former UFC fighter Steve Berger's camp. The crowd always loves a girl fight and this one was great. Round 1 starts with Philippus going for the takedown. Both were working the BJJ, but Barb was the
dominate one. They both threw some good punches, Round 1 ends. Round 2 starts with Barb nailing Jessica with some VICIOUS strikes and knees. Jessica ends up turning away from Barb, not wanting any more, but
the ref lets the fight go on. Barb takes her to the ground and starts wailing on her. The referee stops the fight @ 1:24 of Round 2 and the crowd goes crazy. Amazing fight, can't wait to see more of Honchack.

The 205 weight was next. James Keith (5-3, Ace Combat Sports) vs. Colby Tierney (9-5, Sullivan Athletic Club). I wasn't that impressed with this fight. They spent the entire 3 rounds clinching with each other, either
standing up or on the ground. A couple of times some punches were thrown, but no damage to either. The judges issued a decision for Colby Tierney.

The last fight of the night was for the CSC NorthEast Regional Lightweight Title. Brett Bourdage (6-3, Dogs of War) vs. Mike Maddock (3-0, Domain MMA). Both fighters go for the take down, neither get it. Maddock lands
some beautiful knees and a flying knee to the head. He takes down Bourdage and gets full mount, starts issueing some hammer fists and Bourdage taps out @ 1:29 of Round 1.

On a side note, one of Bourdage's teammates procedes to attack Maddock's girlfriend. Security quickly ended it, but it was completely uncalled for. The person who started the fight (who will remain unnamed) is also a
female fighter registered with CAGE championships and CSC. She has been banned from all CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENTS. I for one would like to say, how embarrassed their coach must be. I spoke with Brad
Wick, Director of Combat Sports Commission, and he has been notified of the altercations and following events. They are also looking into other alleged rumors of events that occurred outside of the venue that evening
after the event had ended. The safety of the fighters and integrity of MMA is their main goal. I sincerely hope the parties involved learn a lesson from all of this. The Cage Championship Hall of Fame honored their first
inductee, Tom Aaron. He came up as an amateur through CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS and is now fighting professionally. We wish him all the luck and hope to see him on the UFC or WEC soon. Closing out the night was
the presentation of the team trophy. This years' winner was the defending team of Steve Berger's MMA. They train out of The Boxing Gym in Arnold, MO. They are a tough team to beat, maybe next year. I look forward to
another great night of fights at the next Cage Championships.