Throwdown @ the Uptown II, May 30, 2009  

By: Jen Wolf

Saturday night was my first trip to Rolla, Mo. ATA Black Belt Academy (headed by Mark Prosser) was putting on their second show at the Uptown Theater. When I got there @ 5:30, the
line was allready wrapped around the building (which was a great sign). The theater didn't have a bad seat in the house with an upstairs balcony to watch from.  Prosser's gym was
directly across the street from the venue so the fighters chilled and warmed up over there before the fights. The card had alot of guys making their debut, but the fights were all great.

The first fight of the night @ 165lbs. was Alex Edwards (Rolla Team Throwdown, 1-3) vs. James Dakin (Independent, 0-1). The fight went to Round 2 were Edwards gets a tapout @
1:12 due to an armbar.

Up next, @ 168, was Anthony Flores ( Independent, 0-0) and Kaoma Mathews ( St. Robert Team Extreme, 0-0). This one went QUICK! Mathews was extremely aggressive right off the
bat and took Flores right to the ground. After unleashing some G&P, the ref stopped the fight @ 48 sec. of Round 1.

Fight #3 was the welterweights. Todd Peterson (Independent, 1-2) and James Williams (Independent, 0-0). Peterson finished this one off quickly too. Despite a height advantage for
Williams , Peterson got the takedown and sunk in a rear naked for the tapout in Round 1.

At 157, CJ Burk (Rolla Team Throwdown, 0-2) and Buck Edwards ( Independent 0-0) were next. A crowd favorite, Burk gets the win by tapout in Round 1 due to a rear naked.

Ryan Burk ( Rolla Team Throwdown, 1-0) and Melvin Gunn (Jeff City Top Team, 0-0) were nevt @ 185. It was dominated by Gunn. As a former Gold Glove Champ, Gunn was viscious
with the G&P. The ref warned Burk to improve his position, but then stops the fight. Gunn got the TKO @2:22 of Round 1.

The Team Throwdown dominance continued with Donald McDonaugh ( Rolla Team Throwdown, 0-0) vs. Sam Brummitt (Independent, 0-0) getting a rear naked for tapout @ 1:44 of
Round 1.

This next fight had a controversial end. Allen Wilfong (Rolla Team Throwndown, 1-0) and Scotty Franks ( Jeff City Top Team, 0-0) both weighed in @ 189. Wilfong came out swinging
and blasts Franks. Franks goes down and Wilfong issues a knee to the side. ROOKIE mistake. Most refs take a point from the fighter, but Wilfong was DQ'd @ 29 seconds. Wilfong was
apologetic and admitted the mistake. However, he was TOTALLY dominating Franks, I can't wait to see him fight again. The crowd was NOT happy with the DQ.

Some lightweights were next. Randy Turner (Rolla Team Throwdown, 0-1) and David Rayes (St. Robert Team Extreme, 1-0).Rayes, The Reaper, gets the win by TKO @ 1:36 of Round

The next fight was GREAT!!!

At 145, Scott Wisdom (Rolla Team Throwdown, 1-1) vs. Rusty Kapel (Sullivan No Excuses MMA, 2-1) were both great to watch. Wisdom is 49 years old and Kapel is 18. They both put
on a great fight, lots of action from both. Wisdom gets the win @ 2:32 of Round 2 by Rear Naked.

I was a little unsure of this next matchup at first, But I was proved wrong. At Heavyweight, Kyle Henson (Rolla Team Throwdown, 0-0) vs. Tommy Morgan ( St. Robert Team Extreme,
4-5). I was wondering how a newcomer would do against someone with 9 fights under his belt. Let me tell you, Henson held his own like he was a seasoned fighter. This fight went all 3
rounds with both fighters showing lots of action. Henson gets the win @ 2:41 of Round 3 by tapout due to a Kimora. If Henson keeps it up, I look for him to be one of the top
heavyweights in the area.

Next up was Justin Davis (Rolla Team Throwdown, 3-4) and Ricky Ellerman (Independent, 3-2). Both came out swinging, but Davis landed a KO punch @ 12 sec. of Round 1 for the win.

The last 2 fights of the night were both belt fights.

1st up was Robert Garn (Rolla Team Throwdown, 4-3) and Fred Moore (Jeff City Top Team, 5-2). Moore gets Garn in some weird choke and makes him tap @ 1:44 of Round 1.

The last fight @185 was Jake Collier (Sullivan No Excuses MMA, 4-1) vs. Ryan Walker (Dexter Fighter's United MMA, 10-6). This one was over quick. Collier issues a KO punch and
gets a flash knockout @ 31 sec. of Round 1.

On a side note, let me just say that here at the AMA/League Reporter, our #1 goal is to promote the amateurs and weed out the bad promoters. Mark Prosser is not one of the bad
ones. I was very impressed with the lineup and the way the show was run. I look forward to seeing another of his fights and watching his guys compete. He has a well rounded team that
with some more experience are going to be very dominate in the area.