By Woody

This was a CSC Sanctioned Event; CAGE OF HONOR Aron Boswell packed the stands in this one, on 6-20-09 at the JOPLIN MEMORIAL CENTER in Joplin, Mo. This was the best
venue I've seen to date for an all Amateur Event, as the Memorial Center's layout is in a theactrial setting with ballpark style seating in both the lower and balcony levels. The Cage,
(provided by TEAM PAIN FIGHT CLUB AND CAGE RENTALS of Joplin, Mo) one of the best I've seen to date, with double doors and two (2) mounted Cameraman Stands with steps; it
was placed center stage and about 75' away, allowing the fighters entry from center stage, where there was placed a very well lighted steel frame doorway leading down the stairway to
the Cage; with floor seating surrounding the Cage and there were very few empty seats with approximately 1900 in attendence.

As to date, Aron Boswell is leading the league for our presentation of the PROMOTER OF THE YEAR AWARD, as he has presented the best events of the year. Aron's reputation for
his Match Making abilities along with his incredible knack for being able to find such great talents and get them to perform on his Cards is amazing, but he has pulled it off for the
passed few years and his reputation preceeds him. Aron's next event will be in Fort Sill, Oklahoma in July, as he does his Cards a couple of months in advance and he only chooses
the best competitors for his events, if you wish to receive some most definite recognization thru our magazine, you may wish to compete on one of his Cards as we will be covering all of


CSC Officials were CSC Rep. (Director) Brad Wick, CSC Refferees Dayrl Cantrell and Chris Howell and CSC News Corespondent/MMA AMATEUR LEAGUE REPORTER's Woody and
Trina and Photographer Bill Cohea. The official Time Keeper Amber Girouard and the Judges were Chris Heinz, Dayrl Cantrell and Andrew Girouard.

Unusually late, we entered at the begining of the third bout, Brett Cogburn vs Jared Osthoff; just in time to watch these two Gladiators battle for Glory, and they were both very
impressive with plenty of striking and wrestling for control action in the Cage, the fans were going wild. Coming out of the first round it was hard for me to judge it, as they had both
fought so hard, and I was truely amazed to see that both of them had had some real good cardio training as neither one seemed tired, the second round started just as exciting as
they'd ended the first, they were fighting tooth and nail until in 1:43min of the second round Jared seen and caught and opening for Brett's neck and he applied an inverted sidearm
choke causing Brett to TapOut.

All of these young Warriors were very impressive and well prepared for their matches in this event, we hated missing any of it, especially since the FIGHT OF THE NIGHT AWARD went
to Jake Keifer of whom fought in the first bout against Tony Luna, we also missed Pat Garcia vs Robert Adams in the second bout.

We seen what seemed to be a very impressive upset of JP Hagood over Eddie King, (a local favorite) Colter Brown of TEAM PAIN FIGHT CLUB defeated Zach Staples, Karl Wicker over
Michael Morgan, Jeremy Bland in :57sec of the first round ref stoppage due to strikes, very impressive young fighter in Brandon Kelley over Jerry Walker, Mike Fields out of the Fight
Shop under Jeff Hinds of Webb City, Mo. in 2:10min of the first round via TO due to rear naked choke over Eric Morris. Jeff Price vs Doug Adams, Adams wins in :41 sec of the second
round via TO due to guilotine choke. Very impressive trun around by Truman Yeary over Eric Willoughby, as Eric had a guilotine choke applied early in the first round and held it for
quite a few seconds (15) of the first round, but Truman kept fighting and flipped it around and caught Eric in a triangle choke causing him to Tap.Robert Boudreau over Jeremy Hay
2:47min of the 1st rd via TO due to rear naked choke, Burley West defeated Danny Larson in :53sec of the 1st rd via ref stoppage due to strikes and Josh Elmer over Steve Meyers.

For myself the fight of the night was for COH's Hvy Wght Championship Title Belt, Michael Dunkin out of XTREME KARATE AND MMA under Brian Rackley of West Plains, Mo.
challenging COH's Hvy Wght Champion Ray Clayton. As a great fan of Ray's and my knowledge of Michael Dunkin thru my continued contact with Brain Rackley, this stacked up to be a
very good bout. And it was, Michael came out with an attempted kick and imediately followed with a good takedown of Ray, where he maintained control for the begining of the match,
but being a skilled competitor Ray soon turned it around, by escaping his control, getting to his feet and performing a takedown of his own, (which landed directly in front of Brad Wick
and myself) and proceeded with some G&P on Michael; and I must say Michael has a good strong jawline, as the punches weren't seeming to affect him and we all know how heavy
handed Ray is; I'm not sure as to what happen next but Michael did a verbal TO, of which the ref (Chris Howell) didn't hear, so Brad and I got his attention. As they stood I noticed
Michael clutching his solaplex region, we hope there isn't any bad injury. But I wish also to make a note of Ray's great Sportsmanship, as upon Brad and I waving our hands and before
the ref could stop the bout, Ray discontinued his striking of Michael while mounted on his back, thanks Ray, that's the type of Sportsmanship we respect and wish to see in all of our

For myself this event meant even more than just getting to watch ya'll beat the shit out of each other, as I got to meet with a lot of you that we have been talking to over this thing and
once again touch base with those of you that have grown to be great friends to us. Rico out of TEAM PAIN FIGHT CLUB AND CAGE RENTALS of Joplin, Mo. it was great to see and
speak with you again, I loved meeting with your father and mother. Ray, as always brother, but you better give me that story or I'll become a worst nightmare than any one of those
Broads, "PIMP DADDY." lol

A very close friend of mine personally, Calvin "The Title Belt Chaser" Cunningham had accompanied Ray Clayton as his cornerman and I always enjoy spending time with Calvin, great
fighter that he is, I sometimes think he should have went into Comedy. Calvin informed me that it is his B-day next weekend, so for his B-day I have invited him to accompany myself to
an all Pro Event in Sparks, Oklahoma being hosted by 5150 Combat League Ginny Myers of Tulsa, Ok. We will be having a number of amateurs turning pro on her Under Card and
quite a few of our pros fighting on the Main Card, we hope to bring our fans and fighters alike a good report of this event.