BY Uncle Woody 12 Aug 09

XTREME CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS Allan Gilland had picked a great venue in AREA 151 NIGHT CLUB in St.Roberts,Mo. to hold this event; the Cage was set up on the dance floor, of which is set down in a pit in front of the stage with the main floor seating sitting on a higher level than the Cage, allowing the audience a clear view of the fights and then there was balcony seating going 3/4 of the way around the second floor, there wasn't a bad seat in the house and the house was full for this event.

This was a CSC Sanctioned Event with Director Brad Wick as Representative and Steve Snipes as Referee. XCC Director of Operations: Felicia Gilland. The Judges for the evenings Event were: Matt Newman, "Smoke" Yarbrough and Tom DeCorsey. The Official Time Keeper was: John Tuffle. The Inhouse Physician was Dr.Rob Holloway and the Ambulance Service was Critical Care EMS. The Ring Announcer was: Promter Allan Gilland. The Ring Girls were: Jordan and Jessica (both very lovely) Sponsors for the evenings Event were NIGAR, PEPPER'S SPORTS BAR AND GRILL, DOMINOS PIZZA, FRED WILSON'S AUTOWORKS, CABLE AMERICA, ON MEDIA, 98.9 THE FORT, AREA 151 NIGHT CLUB AND USA BLACKBELT ACADEMY.

I always enjoy going out of town to cover an event, it gives us the oppertunity to meet with many new faces and see some great competitions from other Teams and Training Faculties from throughout the Greater Midwest and Missouri. In this instance we got to meet with Team Xtreme out of the USA Blackbelt Academy under Allan Gilland in St. Roberts, Mo, Lake Orzark Top Team ATA under Jack Sheppard and Rob Howard in Lake Ozark, Mo. We got to meet some new members to DEVASTATION FIGHT CLUB under Paul Farwig in St. Louis, Mo. And we got to visit with a couple of old friends Shawn McCaster TEAM XTREME and Ray Clayton out of Dogs Of War in Fort Leonardwood, Mo.

Bout #1: Justin Arnold Ozark Top Team def Brad Sanford Team XTREME via TKO due to Guilotine Choke at :51 min of Rd #1. I wish this one would have went a little longer, as I was really wanting to see Sanford in action, him being the smaller of the two and me always rooting for the "Under Dog."

BOUT #2: David Holloway Team XTREME def Mike Adams ? via TO due to Strikes at 1:17 min of Rd #1. Holloway came in strong and never let up, totally beating Adams into submission...

BOUT #3: Lonnie Garoute Team XTREME def Jared Walker Team DEVASTATION via Verbal TO at 2:40 min of Rd #!. This was shameful, as Garoute had came in looking for a good fight and you could tell that he had trained hard for it, only to be disappointed by Walker's failure to prepare and be able to deliver the fight that Garoute was wanting. They squared off in the center of the ring and Garoute imediately delivered a straight jab to Walker's face, pissing him off and causing him to loose control, as he came back in swinging wildly in hopes of landing a lucky punch; but that didn't happen and Garoute slowly began breaking Walker down. Now Garoute is a pretty tough boy and ate every punch that Walker threw and then came back with his own landing a few good shots and knocking Walker halfway accross the ring, but even this didn't stop Walker from swinging wildly and he did land quite a few good strikes but not one of them seemed to faze Garoute and he stayed right on his game and even threw in a knee or two, (one landed a little low and the ref gave him a warning) after this Walker slowed down and quit swinging so wildly, trying a little finesse this time, but even so, his strikes still weren't fazing Garoute and Walker got knocked down. You could tell that all of this was wearing on Walker, his breathing became labored and every solid strike from Garoute put him on his ass, after the second knock down and another great strike by Garoute to his face, Walker threw his arms up in submission and made a verbal TO. (See Video Below)

Prior a brief intermission there was a Grappling Match: R.J. Richards def Dionta Cheers via TO due to Guilotine Choke at :21 min of Rd #1.

BOUT #4: Jayson Wyatt Lake Ozark Top Team def Jesse Wright Team XTREME via Split Decission. Now here was a good fight, both men evenly matched and wanting to win, of which always seems to be the best fights. When they have that drive to be the best and the want to better the other, you'll usually get to see a much better fight with more striking and blood, in this one I received a souvenir in the first round when Jayson broke Jesse's nose, a "Blood Spot" on my Ball-cap's bill, when Jayson broke it the blood came flying all over our table and my Ball-cap, my excitement hightened at that very moment. I agree with the judges decission on this one, it was close but Jayson did deserve to win.

BOUT #5: Ken Porter Team Devastation def Mike Bratcher out of St. Louis, Mo. via TO due to RNC at 1:55 min of Rd #2. Awaiting Video To Complete This Report

XCC 145lb Championship Title Match: John Allison Lake Ozark Top Team def D.J. Reyes Team XTREME via TO due to Triangle Choke at 3:30 min of Rd #1. Awaiting Video To Complete This Report

XCC 170lb Championship Title Match: Mike Diebold def Kaoma Matthews Team XTREME via TO dur to RNC at 3:14 min of Rd #1. Awaiting Video To Complete This Report

XCC 135lb Championship Title Match: Carl Rogers def Malshon Ball Team Devastation via Ref Stoppage due to Strikes at 3:50 min of Rd #3. Awaiting Video To Complete This Report

XCC Hvy Weight Championship Title Match: Shaun McCaster Team XTREME def Garrett Sheppard Independant via TO due to Guilotine Choke at 2:32 min of Rd #1. Awaiting Video To Complete This Report