October 17, 2008 - Missouri - As some of you are aware, I took some time off.  After all of the personal attacks and questions about my integrity, I had to get away.  It is funny how the ones that throw around the BS are
the ones that are the problems.  The only questions I have is this....... How come their integrity and honesty is never on the line?  It is always the ones that try to do the right things are the ones getting bashed...... Funny

Enough of that, I am back.  We are moving forward and will continue to grow and prosper, BUT, only with the promotions and fighters that truly are here for the sport.  We do not want anyone involved with us that does not
want to follow the laws and our rules.  It is simple, these things are here for a reason and we will all follow them.  We have programs in place for the fighters to ensure they will have ample opportunity to grow.  If you are
not willing to go with the program, we can direct you to groups that don't care about your career.  We have the best matchmaking system in the sport for amateurs.  We also are the only ones that have a program
designed to help you from your first fight until you decide to go to the pro ranks.  

So, bear with us, follow the program, and watch the competition level increase.  For witness, CSC's SE Regional LHW champion just put a whipping on the ISCF State Champ.  I bet you can't wait until we install the
sectional and state title programs.....they should be sick.  

In the next week or so, I will outlining my goals for the next several months.  We are refocusing on the program and to perfect it.  After that, we will be installing new programs for fighters, promoters, and officials.  AND we
will have a huge announcement within the next few weeks.......It will make everyone happy and be an completely new division..........  So, I guess the others should pay attention and follow our lead AGAIN.  Seems like that
has been happening alot lately (with the rules changes the others have made to come into line with our old rules).

Stay tuned and we are looking forward to picking up some new promotions in the Central, South, STL, and KC area over the next few months.  to you guys,,,,,,welcome aboard.

Ron Cook
National Director

October 24, 2008 - St. Charles, MO - Cage of Fury is set to host yet another great event.,  Saturday, November 8, 2008, at the St. Charles Convention Center.  Don't  be fooled by lesser quality shows that will be held in
the area the night before.   There is absolutely no competition.  It is very easy to lurk around and when someone schedules a show and does all of the work to come in and schedule a show the day before and claim
victory.   I guess when your afraid your show can't sell itself, you have to do that.  

Here are some good points.  We will submit your fights properly to insure that your fights are not entered as pro fights.  We will not suspend you so you can't fight anywhere else.  We will not  allow you to fight out classed
so you can fight again sooner.  We will also not let anyone feed you to an advanced fighter,( if you are not advanced), just to get a victory for our gym.

CSC is dedicated to the sport.   We do not own a gym, train fighters, or promote events.  We help you do that.  We have never sanctioned kickboxing or boxing, and when the time came, flipped over and called ourself an
MMA sanctioning body.   We simply regulate the sport to insure the fighters are treated justly and not used. I believe that we are the ONLY TRUE MMA SANCTIONING BODY.

So the choice is yours......  We hope you will choose only CSC events to participate in or if your a fan, we know you will see the difference.