BY Uncle Woody 24-Oct-09

What better way to bring a new Amateur MMA Sanctioning Body into a Sate than with a great event. CAGE READY FIGHT WEAR AND PROMOTIONS Jason Skelton brought
CSC [COMBAT SPORTS COMMISSION] into Illinois with their [First Event] presentation of "BORDER WARS." Jayson "Coop" Cooper CSC Representative,Steve Snipes CSC
Referee, CSC Judges for this event were Jay D'Amato, Brian Higginbatham and Coleen Pizzo, CSC Time keeper was Robin D'Amato. Inhouse Physician: Dr. Rob Holloway.
EMS: Kelly Birdsong and J.D. MeGee. And Ring Announcer Paul Knoche with Jekyll & Hyde Entertainment (618) 223-2051.

And what a great event it was, the Alton, Illinois Eagles Hall is a very nice venue for outdoor events (during warm weather), with a patio deck that was transformed into a great
settting for the Cage and tables surounding it, walking around, there didn't seem to be a bad seat in the house. Although we did experienced some very unusually cold
weather on October 10, 2009 it didn't seem to effect the turn out as I'd say there were about 700 fans that came out to enjoy the fights with us. But the cold weather did cause
some disorganization, as the fights (scheduled to start at 7pm) didn't get started till about 8pm and it was much colder by then.

Bout 1: Mike Richter (177.6) def Dwayne Quirin (178.0) via Tapout @ :56 in the 1st. Rd. due to a Guillotine Choke. I was surprised at the outcome of this one, as speaking
with Dwayne earlier, he was really souped up for the fight and seemed to be ready, I didn't expect him to go in and make a mistake so early on in the bout, we live and learn
brother, this one will make you more aware of where you're placing your head the next time or to better gaurd against the guilotine choke, good luck.

Bout 2: Mark Chappell (179.4) def Jason Heimberger (183.8) Referee Stoppage due to Strikes @ 1:52 of the 2nd Rd.

Bout 3: Elijah Neese (175) def Jordan Eissa (181.0) via TKO @ 2:31 in the 2nd Rd. due to Strikes. (No Suspension Warranted) Jordan Eissa seemed to be very upset with the
referee's (Steve Snipes) call on this one, but seeing it the same as Steve did on this one, Jordan was out for a brief second or two and since there's no standing 8 count in
MMA, we can't afford for someone to receive further damage and/or a serious injury by allowing the fight to continue, Steve Snipes did the right thing by stopping this fight.

Bout 4: Dave Callo (149.0) def Brock Counts (148.0) via Unanimous Decision. My second time getting to see Dave Callo in action, the first being a Thai Boxing match just 2
weeks prior and he won that one too. (See our Youtube Page) Dave is quickly impressing us with his fighting skills, I haven't got to see him on the ground that much, but if his
ground game is as good as his standup, lookout guys he's headed for local stardom and those Championship Title Belts.

Bout 5: James Creekpawm (217.0) def Bobby Chisn (220.0) via TKO @ :27 in the 1st. Rd. due to Strikes.(No Suspension Warranted)

Bout 6: Chuck Miller (157.6) def Adam Flowers (159.8) via TKO @ :52 in the 1st. Rd. due to a Slam. (No Suspension Warranted) Now this one had the whole crowd jump to
their feet and cringe, Miller slammed Adam so hard on the back of his neck, that we all thought that he was dead, I even heard Miller saying a worried prayer while he waited
crouching in his corner, Doc Hollaway was quick to get into the cage and check on Adam; but after a couple of minutes Adam came around and got to his feet as if there was
nothing wrong, Thank God. Adam we all hope that you're alright and you received no damage or injury from that slam, you were in my Bedtime Prayers that night brother.

Bout 7: Jason Bosler (273.0) def Sidney Littleton (300.6) via Tapout @ :44 in the 2nd. Rd. due to a Guillotine Choke. Sidney, Sidney, Sidney; this is twice I've witnessed you
trying to pull some shady shit, just two weeks prior you used elbows against a guy that you didn't need too and in this one you tapped and then tried to swindle your way out of
the tap when you realized that you weren't in as much trouble as you thought you were. Comon man, you keep this stuff up and your gym will not want you representing them
any longer, plus, I know your trainer and I know he's better than that and he's taught you better, these ain't no childhood games, if you can't play right, stay in your own yard
and play with yourself.

Bout 8: CAGE READY 155lb TITLE BOUT Daniel Kilmer vs Freddie Skelton. The fight that never happen. At 50 years old, I've seen a lot of Bullshit in my time, but a man
coming out to fight and then backing out because he thinks the other guy will beat him. (?) I don't feel sorry for him, for someone not to have enough faith, courage or belief in
themselves, your in the wrong game and need to stay away. Although I do feel for Freddie Skelton, as I'm of an understanding that Freddie trained long and hard for this fight
and received no satisfaction for his efforts, no one wishes to win a Title Belt this way, as you truely don't feel as if you earned it. That's alright Freddie, your time will come
when you have to defend it, good luck man.

Bout 9: GROUND N POUND Bi State 125lb TITLE BOUT Ken Porter (130.4) def James Walsh (125.8) via Unanimous Decision. By time these two came to the Cage it had
gotten a lot colder and there was "FROST" forming over the mat. But Ken Porter never fails to impress us with his speed and agility in the Cage, I've been lucky enough to get
to watch him grow and progress through his training and competitions for the past couple of years and I must say, "I wish he was one of my team members." Now at 14-1, I
questioned his thoughts on turning pro and I was saddened when he informed me that he'd probably turn pro as a Boxer because of the better pay scale and with the offer
he's been given I can't blame him. But he did inform me that he plans on fighting for another year before turning pro, so we'll get to enjoy the performances he gives each and
every time he enters the Cage for a little longer. This is not to take away from James Walsh's performance, as he's done more than most of whom has entered the Cage with
Ken, by going the distance.

Bout 10: CAGE READY 185LB TITLE BOUT Demitrious Joiner (181.8) def Carlitos Jones (187.0) via Unanimous Decision. This one wasn't the battle I'd expected, as both of
these warriors have been undeniably awsome in previous performances, but the mat had so much frost covering it, that neither man could get a good footing and were
slipping and sliding all over the place, I'd really like to see a rematch in an indoor Cage with these two.

There were no reported medical suspensions from Doc Holloway.