NOVEMBER 7, 2009
BY Uncle Woody 2-Dec-09

Hey all, I'm sorry about the delay but I suffered a crash on my computer and had to get a new Hard Drive installed, so I lost a lot of my previous information for this event.
November 7, 2009 Absolute Fighting Challenge (AFC) Don Davis Jr. held their "SHOWDOWN" event, in this event AFC hosted their beginning amateurs of the year, and only 2 bouts with
fighters that have had more than 3 previous competitions. This event was held at the Dexter, Mo. Eagles Hall, this is a small venue which only allowed for three sides of the Cage for
seating; the setup was pretty nice as there wasn't a bad seat in the house, the cage could clearly be seen from all sides available and the turn out wasn't too bad with about 175 local fans
coming out for the fights.

AFC's "SHOWDOWN" event was their 22nd event of their 4th year as an Amateur MMA Promotions Company and opens the way for their "SEASON'S BEATINGS" event coming up on
December 19, 2009 at Scooter's II in Poplar Bluff, Mo. In this event AFC presents their fans with an event in which all of their Promotional Titles will be defended along with CSC SEMo
Regional Championship Titles up for grabs. Scooter's is one of AFC's best venues, with great seating on the first floor and a second floor balcony which overlooks the cage providing for
an even better view of the fights.

Scooter's II also provides for a great 'After Party' atmosphere, with either a DJ spinning records or a Live Band playing for your entertainment. Their Dance Floor is pretty good sized and
filled with plenty of "Bootheel Beauties" for your dancing pleasures, "Hell I've even got out there with a few of them."

This was a CSC, all amateur event with CSC Director Brad Wick as the Representative and Joey Tinsley. (Rep. in Training) The Judges were Joey Tinsley, Brant Bristow, Justin Sindle,
Don Davis Sr. The Referees were Lead Referee: Don Davis Sr. and Second Referee: Joey Tinsley. The Inhouse Physcian was Dr. Dale Lockhart. EMS: Stoddard County EMS.
The Teams being represented in this event were Team Punishment under Timmy Smith of Kennett, Mo. Team Aware under Gary Becker of St. Louis, Mo. Team Psychosis under Randy
Reaves of Dexter, Mo. Team Devastation under Paul Farwig of St. Louis, Mo. Team Pitbull under Don Davis Jr and Brad Wick of Sikeston, Mo. Team Gladiators of Berryville, Ark. and
Mann's MMA under Jimmy and Daniel Mann of DeSoto, Mo. There were only two Independants fighting on this card.

The night got under way with a bout between 170lb Elias Palomo of Team Gladiators vs Coty Cook of Team Pitbull. Now I was told to keep my eye on this Coty Cook and I must say that for
his first fight I was impressed with his stand up, he has some nice moves and good hands, Palomo wasn't prepared for his stand up and was unable to take him to the ground. Coty
defeated Palomo via Referee Stoppage due to strikes at 1:53 min of Rd #1. Nice fighting in there kid, keep up the good work and I'm really looking forward to seeing your ground game.

In the second bout 145lb Independant Andrew Kohfield of Team Pitbull totally dominated Mike Malin of St. Louis, Kohfield came in and seen that he wasn't going to be able to stand with
Malin as Malin started striking Kohfield and kept it up until Kohfield took him down. Kohlfield kept malin grounded for the remainder of the match. Kohfield attempted to use numerous
strikes in hopes that the referee would stop the match, but his striking power leaves a lot to be desired, so he turned back to his grappling abilities and caught Malin's arm and got him in
an armbar. Kohfield defeats Malin via TO due to armbar at 2:53 min of Rd #1.

Bout #3 brought up a young man we have been waiting to see; Heavyweight Stephen Hill. His father "Big Hank Hill" has been an awsome force as a Super Heavyweight, defeating
everyone who has had the courage to enter the Cage against him, as a matter of fact Stephen's first competition was against Josh Faries of Team Psychosis, Big Hank's last competition.
Hank Hill has temporarily took a break from the sport and is not sure if he will return to compete again, we sure hate to see you go brother but keep up the good work with your son
Stephen and your name will carry on. In this bout Stephen took on Brandon Bass of Team Punishment and Brandon seemed to have him in trouble a couple of times, but that never say
die attitude and the desire to win came out in Hill, he pushed on and came out victorious. Stephen Hill defeats Brandon Bass via Referee Stopage due to strikes at 2:45 min of Rd #1. Hey
Stephen, nice fighting in there, I was really impressed with some of your ground manuvers, I thought you had him when you went for that Kamora but he slipped away. Keep up the good

Bout #4: 190lb Timmy Smith of Team Punishment vs Clint Shell of Psychosis, this ended just about as quickly as it started. I am always impressed when I see the owner and trainer of a
Team come in to compete, I believe it builds upon the Teams loyalty to that trainer and when he wins their confidence in him grows. Timmy came in and took total advantage of Shell's
mistake of giving him his head and neck, placing him in a guilotine and causing him to TO at :16 min of Rd #1.

After a brief intermission we returned for a Grappling match between two 14 year olds, Ryan Chriswell of Team Punishment vs Brett Reaves of Psychosis; I was very impressed with Brett's
use of a triangle choke to defeat his opponet, the way he finagled Rayn into position for this move was also impressive. Keep up the great work Brett, we'll be expecting more of you once
you are able to start in the amateur leagues. Good luck in your high school wrestling.

Bout #5: Heavyweights Brian Mitchell of Team Punishment vs Eric Bennett of Psychosis. This one was a shocker, as Mitchell came in being totally dominate over Bennett, but it was soon
turned around in the second round, once Bennett got mad and the adrenaline kicked in from being struck to much. I noticed a big change in his strenghts and determination at this point,
Eric is a very dangerous figter because of this and needs to be withheld from the cage until he learns better control and discipline over his anger. This is a sport and anger has no place in
it. If a man cannot perform at his best until his anger and adrenaline kicks in, then he has no business in the cage as he will end up being seriously injured or he will end up seriously
injuring someone else. Bennett defeated Mitchell via TO due to strikes at 1:55 min of Rd #2.

Bout #6: 150lb Daniel Baynton of Mann's MMA vs Carlos Sanchez of Team Gladiators. There existed a little controversy over the stoppage of this fight, Sanchez had gotten Baynton into a
guilotine and held it for a few seconds, the ref raised Baynton's hand three times and it dropped each time, making the ref believe that he was out, but when he broke them apart Baynton
stool straight up and acted fine, the CSC Rep instructed the ref to make Baynton take a squat and went in and even called the doctor in to check him out. After which they called the fight
and Sanchez was declared the winner at :54 min of Rd #1. Daniel Baynton was irate over this call, but he must understand that it is his safety that was of concern, by the ref raising his
hand and his failure to keep it up indicated that he had passed out. The safety of our fighters is of the utmost importance and in any instance which may be questionable this safety issue
will override every time.

Bout #7: 155lb Gary Becker of Team Aware vs Travis Harmon of Psychosis, I just love Gary Becker he is one hell of a character and has been a pretty good bud over the past couple of
years. Perry and I met Gary working as a Bouncer in a bar in Fenton, Mo pryor him getting into MMA and we informed as of where he could go to get involved. He's a real good guy, but
Gary tends to underestimate his opponets to often and goes in just to play with them, believing that they'll be an easy go. Well I just received word today from an old friend of mine, Ike
Bear of BLACK DRAGON KUNG-FU AND MMA in Fenton, Mo. who tells me that Gary has just joined his school. Hey Gary, WORD UP, I've informed Ike of this trait of yours and he's
guaranteed me that he will break you of this, lol glad to see that you have choosen one of Missouri's best to teach you a little something more. Travis defeated Becker via TO due to RNC
at 1:37 min of Rd #1.

During a brief intermission I had the chance to speak with Ken Porter and asked him how he was feeling for this fight. Ken informed me that he was a little tired as he and his girl friend had
been burning the candle at both ends for the past few days and that he took this fight on a last notice kind of thing, only giving him a week to prepare and he hadn't. Being a big fan of
Kens, I still had faith in his victory.

I also got to speak with Steve Young, Team Vaghi's Boxing Instructor out of St. Louis, Mo. Steve informed me that his son Steven had just been choosen as one of the Boxers to represent
the US in the upcoming Olymic Games, well Steve we sure wish him luck, just tell him we're only expecting the Gold Medal in the Flyweight Class. Steve Young is one of the only
Lightweight Boxers to ever beat Sugar Shane Mosley back in his day, but I must say that I have been very impressed with the work he has been doing with Team Vaghi's Fighters and Ken
Porter also.
Paul Farwig informed me that he and Rob Francis have been discusing the possibility of an upcoming event for Devastation Promotions after the first of the year, as old friends we'll be
happy to welcome them back, it's been a while and they've surely been missed in South County.(St. Louis, Mo)

Bout #8: Derren Syles of Team Devastation vs Matt 'Mad Man' Parris of Psychosis. Derren has never failed to impress me with his improvements, it seems that each time I get to see him
perform he has always fine tuned another aspect of his game and this time it was in his ground skills; Parris came in and got ahold on Derren from which he could not break free from, so
he did the next best thing and took it to the ground, landing in sort of a sidemount but in no time he turned it into a fullmount and began G & P-ing his opponet causing him to TO due to
strikes at 1:22 min of Rd #1. Nice fighting again Derren, keep up the hard work.

Bout #9: Independant Mike Raley vs Dallas Caldwell of Psychosis, Dallas came in and imediately missed with a kick to the midsection and countered with a takedown attempt as Raley
countered, Raley caught him in an over and under/front to back body clutch only to be slammed to the mat by Dallas and landing in full guard, they wrestled for control for a few seconds
before Raley got a head lock on Dallas, from which he soon spun out of and ended with Raley's back and locked in a rear naked choke, from which Raley TO but the ref did not recognize
it as a tap and Raley soon passed out causing the ref to stop the fight. Caldwell defeats Raley via TKO due to RNC at 1:51 min of Rd #1. Nice fight Dallas, keep it up.

Bout #10: Damian Newman of Team Aware vs Frankie Murphy of Team Punishment, in my book this was the fight of the night, these two young warriors took it all the way to the end,
niether one able to finish the other, round one I gave to Damian, this kid is like a monkey, feet and hands flying at the same time his opponet didn't know what he should try to block and
Damian pretty much kept him tied up with his legs in a triangle, armbar, etc, this kid just kept on working trying anything he could think of. Round two I'd have to give to Frankie as he
maintained control over Damian with head locks and guilotines, but in round three Damian came back in and let the monkey loose again and he took the round, I won't say it was easy as
Frankie is a true fighter and he has that never say die attitude and a heart that won't stop; I was very impressed with both of these two, you boys keep up the hard training. Newman
defeats Murphy via Unamimous Decission the Judges Cards read 30-27 accross the board.

135lb AFC Championship Title Match: Eric Acuna of Team Gladiators vs Ken Porter of Team Devastation in the first round Ken just didn't seem to be himself as a fighter of who likes to
stand and duke it out, he soon took the game to the ground, as he maintained control and kept Acuna grounded for the remainder of the round, I gave this round to Porter. In the second
round Ken came out looking even worst than he did in the first with Acuna soon took control early on and grounding Ken, there seemed to be some hope when Ken turned it around and
landed in Acunas full guard, they wrestled around for a while and then suddenly Acuna caught Ken in an armbar and caused him to TO at 2:22 min of round #2. Nice work Eric.