DECEMBER 5, 2009
BY Uncle Woody 11-Dec-09

Regardless of many Training Injuries happening to quite a few of the originally scheduled Top Rated Amateur Fighters, such as Josh Weston of Farmington MMA under Jason Singleton
Farmington, Mo. and Kelly Burch formerly with Team Destruction now with Team Vaghi under Rodrigo Vaghi Fenton, Mo; CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS Patrick Smith and Match Maker Jason
'Coop' Cooper were forced to replace quite a few of the fighters with only a two weeks notice. For most any other Promotions Companies this would have been a most impossible task, to be
able to find and replace those fighters with other worthy opponents for the matchups they had already scheduled. But, CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS did a marvelous job in doing so and the event
presented the fans with some of the best matchups of the year.

The Old Skating Rink in Rolla, Mo. turned out to be quite a bit bigger venue than what I thought it would be and transformed into a really nice Cage Arena with rows of seatings surrounding
the cage. The only problem was the low ceiling, as it always creates for bad lighting in the cage as CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS is one of those promotions who likes to turn the house lights out
during the matches. The house was packed with standing room only, just walking around the cage was a chore, I'd say there were about 1400-1600 fans in attendance. I got to run into and
speak with many other of Missouri's Top Rated Amateur (and Pro) not competing in the night's event and just there as spectators or to support other team members.

Team Vaghi Pro Fighters Jason McVey and Josh Sampo were in attendance to support their team mates and Jason was also there to be named and entered into CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS
HALL OF FAME for his prior amateur achievements. Jason is now 1-0 as a professional as is Josh Sampo since November 13, 2009. After speaking with these two and Matt Ricehouse, (all,
of Team Vaghi under Mike Rogers owner of St. Charles BJJ & MMA in St. Charles, Mo) a new respect and honor of themselves and Team Vaghi (in general) have I come to find. These
young men have proven themselves to be the very best in each of their individual weight class divisions by fighting noone but the best that were willing to compete and with no losses
throughout their amateur careers and getting a great new beginning in their professional careers. But you wouldn't know it by speaking with them, as they are some of the most modest and
humble competitors I have met to date, they are not prideful or boosters of their victories as a lot of our other fighters, but instead they give the glory of their wins to their Higher Power, in
Josh Sampo's case, he gave his thanks to God, with a Team mate like that who can lose?

I got to speak with Kelly Burch concerning his decision to switch from Team Destruction under Dr. Joe Worden Ironton, Mo. over to Team Vaghi under Rodrigo Vaghi Fenton, Mo. Kelly says
that his quitting was nothing personal and he will always remain friends and be grateful to Team Destruction for getting him started, but he felt that he had grown as much as he could there
and as he is wanting to get serious with his training and his career in the professional ranks as an MMA fighter he chose Rodrigo Vaghi to define his skills and carry him on to the next step in
his career; according to Kelly he will only fight one more amateur competition at 170lb before going pro.
Steve Dietrich of Bergers MMA said that he is taking a break until CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS Event coming up in January, 2010, I was told that Barb Honchack has had her first Pro-Debut and
she won, I'll be trying to get the rest of this story from her later this week. I missed seeing Big Ryan Sturma, I was wanting to put a cheat choke hold on him too! lol Steve Berger said that they
are still working on the Baldwin location.

Dana of Domain MMA under Dustin Seavers St Peters, Mo, says that she is still awaiting her debut performance it seems that every time they get one set up her opponents always drop out
at the last minute. Dana also informed me that Mike Maddock is taking a break but may be performing again on CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS Event coming up in January, 2010.

Lauri Donnavant of CMMA under Steve Knogl Granite City, Il, received a big disappointment by her opponent, Shadow Thirston failing to show up and even though she would still receive the
CSC NW Regional Womens Bantamweight Championship Title Belt, she wasn't granted the satisfaction of winning it honorably and feels that she has been cheated out of all of her hard work
at training she has been doing the past month. So Lauri is looking for a fight as soon as possible, any takers?
This was a CSC all Amateur Event with Director of Operations Brad Wick, CSC Representative Jason Cooper, Lead Referee Daryl Cantrell and Special Guest Referee Dustin Seavers in

The night got under way with a 135lb Bout between Titus McDowell out of the Danger Room under Mark McClean, St. Louis, Mo. vs Eric Willoughby Independent. Titus was very impressive
with a victory at 1:10 min of Rd #1 via TO do to a partial Kimura. Eric Willoughby informed us that his scheduled Pro-Debut Boxing Match for this month had been cancelled, but he still
wanted to fight, so he came back to MMA.

Bout #2 brought another 135lb matchup with Ramon Warmbodt out of Bergers MMA under Steve Berger, Arnold, Mo. vs Ray Grindstaff out of CMMA under Steve Knogl, Granite City, Il. This
one was a close one that went all 3 rounds, but I feel that Ray Grinstaff got the 'Shaft' in this one. Ramon Warmbodt did a better job of striking during what little bit of the time the fight was
standing and he even got a low-blow in the third round, but as the majority of the fight was kept on the ground throughout all 3 rounds, where (in my opinion) Ray Grindstaff maintained
control of the fight, but as neither man was able to finish the other off, the vote goes to the judges and Warmbodt wins by Split Decision.

In Bout #3 was 145lb Jeremy Bappert out of The War Room under Adam Marburger Woodriver, Il vs Kevin Bathon out of Domain MMA under Dustin Seavers St Peters, Mo. At :36 secs into
the fight Kevin accidentally kneed Bappert to the head and knocking him down causing the ref to call a timeout and have the House doctor come in the check him out, the doctor cleared him
to continue and Jeremy jumped up and ready to go. They meet in the center of the cage again and squared off against each other, Jeremy soon got into a clutch with Kevin and seemed to
be doing well, catching him up in a headlock and striking with his right, Kevin broke away and attempted a high kick only to get his leg caught and forced to the ground, but Jeremy failed to
capitalize on this and Kevin was right back to his feet and a little more cautious, aiming his strikes a little bit better, they got into another clutch and to break away Kevin delivered a nice right
to the head and followed up with a left dropping Jeremy to his knees, Jeremy was not able to recover fast enough from these strikes and Kevin was quick to pounce upon him and continue
his striking, the referee stopped the bout at 2:39 min of Rd #1 due to strikes.

Bout #4 brought in two more 145lbers Drew Huddleston out of The War Room under Adam Marburger Woodriver, Il vs Danny Branson out of The Pit under Patrick Smith, Cuba, Mo. In the
first round Drew came in striking and kicking from which Danny acted as if he wanted no part of and immediately took Drew to the ground landing in side mount, which Drew soon pushed him
into full guard. Danny tried to post up and deliver some GnP but Drew was not having any of that and pulled him down and in close, they grappled around for positioning and Danny seemed
to have control of the situation and then Drew switched it around and rolled him over on his back with Drew in full mount but was unable to post up as Danny kept him clutched very closely,
the ref soon stood them back up. Danny came in and delivered one hell of an overhand right which only stunned Drew for a brief moment and they were soon in the clutch again, this lasted
only a second or 2 as Drew immediately scooped him up and slammed him very hard to the mat landing in his full guard and delivering a couple of strikes to the head before Drew pulled him
in close and began delivering a few of his own, they grappled around on the mat for a few more seconds before Danny rose to his feet and started raining down some blows, Danny pushed
him off, only to have him come back in side mount striking again, Drew had just turned it around with him standing and Danny on his knees just as the buzzer sounded. The second round got
started with Danny delivering the first blow with an overhand right, but again it didn't seem to effect Huddleston, as he drove in and took Danny to the mat attempting a choke hold. Danny
soon broke the hold and they grappled for a couple of seconds before Danny attempted a triangle choke, as Drew broke free from this Danny flipped him and landed in a high full mount
striking away at his head, there was nothing Drew could do and the ref stopped the bout at :59 min into RD #2 due to strikes. Both of these young men performed very well in the cage,
demonstrating some great all around abilities and presenting us, the fans with one hell of a fight.

Bout #5 brought in a couple of Welterweights, Nathan Etgeton out of The War Room under Adam Marburger Woodriver, Il vs Jason Slattery out of Team Vaghi/St Charles BJJ & MMA under
Mike Rogers St Charles, Mo. Nathan came in quickly with a take down on Slattery and tried to grapple with him, he soon learned that this was a mistake against one of Team Vaghi's guys,
Jason soon capitalized and caught Nathan in an arm bar causing him to TO at 1:31 min of RD #1.

Bout #6 was a Heavyweight Bout with Riff Lewis out of TCB Fight Factory under Aaron Kimball Rogers, Ark vs Mauerice Green out of Bergers MMA under Steve Berger Arnold, Mo. This was
a fast one for the heavyweight division and a very impressive win for Lewis, it's not often that we see a heavyweight with great ground skills, as most heavyweight fights end by KO or ref
stoppage due to strikes. But in this one Riff Lewis convinced Maurice to TO by putting him into a Kimura arm lock at 1:00 into RD #1.

Bout #7 was a 185lb matchup with James Kieth of Team Throwdown under Mark Prosser Rolla, Mo. vs Colby Tierney of Outlaws MMA under Rob Ward Sullivan, Mo. We got to see a different
Colby Tierney than what we saw at CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS XVIII against Kelly Burch in Sullivan, Mo on July 25, 2009. In the first round Colby came in and tried to gain cage control but was
soon grounded by Kieth, Colby soon turned it around and took Kieth down from his knees, landing in side mount and delivering some GnP to the body as Kieth had his left arm trying to
apply a Kimura, they grappled around and Kieth got Colby into his half guard trying to GnP him once more but Kieth pulled him in close and held him there to stop this, they grappled around
some more and Kieth got up to his hands and knees only to have Colby put him into a guillotine choke hold and pulled him down again, they wrestled around a bit until Kieth broke free and
ended in Colby's full guard trying to deliver some GnP of his own only to get caught up in an attempted arm bar and then a triangle choke right as the buzzer sounded. It looked as if Colby
was wanting to stand and slug it out with Kieth for the beginning of round #2, but Kieth wasn't having any of that and took Colby down with a one leg and landing in Colby's half guard, Kieth
tried to keep him down and maintain control, but Colby wasn't going to allow that and soon gained Kieth's back trying to apply a RNC, Kieth soon turned this around and gained Colby's back,
sliding up over Colby's head, grabbing his arm in the process and attempted an arm bar to no avail, he remounted Colby's back only to have Colby roll him over and land in his full guard
and attempting some more GnP until the buzzer sounded. Up to this point the fight seemed to be pretty even, but Colby came out swinging in the 3rd and maintained compete control of the
fight from this point on leaving the Judges with this impression he ultimately received a Unanimous Decision over James Kieth.

In Bout #8 a couple of Lightweights at 155lb Caleb Pattrath ? vs Mike Simmon out of Domain MMA under Dustin Seavers St. Peters, Mo. This was one really good fight with both fighters
demonstrating some really nice ground skills. Mike Simmon came out very strong in the first round by avoiding a take down and getting one of his own, landing in Caleb's full guard Mike was
unable to do anything, as Caleb had put a death grip on his wrist and was attempting to get his legs in position for an arm bar, Simmon got his wrist free and started striking to the head and
body, they grappled around with Mike maintaining control of the fight right up to the sound of the buzzer ending the round. But we witnessed a totally different Pattrath come out in round #2,
starting with a kick to the body and following up with a take down on Simmon pushing him straight up to the cage to trap him, Simmon, not comfortable in that situation soon tried to break
away and ended up in a guillotine and being flipped over back to the ground with Pattrath clinging tightly to his hold and pushing Mike up against the cage again, Mike pushed off and
regained his feet only to be grounded again, the whole time Pattrath never loss his guillotine hold, after more than a minute of being in this position Mike finally rolls Pattrath over and breaks
free of the guillotine, only to have his left arm be put into a Kimura which Pattrath soon threw his legs over Mike's head and turned it into an arm bar, but he was not able to get fully extended
where he could apply the most pressure. Caleb continued to place Mike in vicarious situations one right behind the other until he secured a firm hold and got the arm bar locked in causing
Simmon to TO at 2:47 min into Rd #2. Great fighting in there guys, and a really impressive win Caleb, we really look forward to seeing you both in competition again.

Prior to starting the
CSC Championship Bouts Lauri Dunnavant was called to the Cage, where CSC Director Brad Wick announced that because of Shadow Thirston's failure to appear
and for all the hard work that Lauri had put into her training for this fight
COMBAT SPORTS COMMISSION was going to present her with the Belt and Name her as CSC NW Regional
Womens Bantamweight Champion. Lauri expressed her regrets of having won the Belt this way as she didn't feel as if she earned it and she announced that she is ready to put it on the line
to any takers willing to meet with her in the Cage.

CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS Match Maker Jason Cooper then called Jason McVey of Team Vaghi and Promoter Patrick Smith to the Cage, where Patrick Smith presented Jason McVey with
CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS HALL OF FAME Plaque and made the Induction of Jason McVey into CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS HALL OF FAME for his achievements as an amateur. Jason has now
entered into the Professional Ranks with a record of 1-0; Jason we wish the best for you in the future to come.

CSC NW Regional Bantamweight (135lb) Title Bout
14-2 Ken Porter out of Devastation Fight Club under Paul Farwig St. Louis, Mo. vs 17-6 Micah Stockton out of TCB Fight Factory under Aaron Kimball Rogers, Ark. As a great fan of both of
these fighters, following them since I first got to see them perform in competition, I was really looking forward to this one, although I wasn't able to pick a favorite as they both have their
strengths and weaknesses. Porter is better at stand up and Stockton is better on the ground, although they have both been working to improve upon those weaknesses. The first round
started out with Porter taking control with his superior boxing skills and he even got the first take down but I believe Stockton evened up the score with a couple of good strikes and a take
down of his own before the buzzer sounded ending the round. Micah came out strong in the second round and kept the pressure on Ken with a good knee to the body and a quick take down
landing in Ken's half guard and delivering a few strikes, Micah kept him down and kept striking while Ken was trying to get out of this situation, he got off of the cage only for a couple of
seconds and managed to push Micah into his full guard, but to no avail as Stockton seemed to know exactly what he was wanting to do and just waiting for the opening to do it, rolling himself
away from the cage, Ken gave Micah the opening he was looking for and he got a hold of Porter's left arm and put him into an arm bar causing Porter to TO at 1:44 min into Rd #2. Nice win

CSC NW Regional Heavyweight (206+lb) Title Bout
Shawn McCaster out of USA Blackbelt Academy under Allan Gilland St. Roberts, Mo. vs Mario Vazquez ? These big boys came in strong with Shawn working straight through what appeared
to be a low-blow kick by Mario, delivering a couple of strikes to Mario, pushing him up along the cage where they grappled for control, Shawn winning this battle with a real nice uppercut to
Mario's jaw and a quick take down, landing in Mario's full guard and trying to rain down some blows, but Mario was to cunning for this and immediately rolled out with Shawn on his back,
Mario attempted a take down only to end in a guillotine from which he soon escaped and standing over Shawn he tried to deliver a few raining blows himself, Shawn attempting to avoid this
pulled Mario in close only to allow him to gain a full mount and delivering some good GnP. The speed of both of these big men really surprised me, as neither one would allow the other much
time to get a good setting before they were throwing each other off, Shawn soon took Mario down again from his knees and gained side mount trying to get control and to do some striking,
but Mario wasn't having none of that and using the cage he pushed off and rolled Shawn over on his back with Mario in half guard, he posted up and dropped a few good lefts, of which must
have hurt Shawn as he rolled over onto his belly and covered up, while Mario mounted his back and started swinging, the referee stopped the fight at 2:03 min of Rd #1. Congratulations
Mario, nice fight.

CSC NW Regional Middleweight (185lb) Title Bout
Adam Maradeth out of Team Vaghi under Mike Rogers St. Charles, Mo. vs Jake Collier out of The Pit under Patrick Smith Cuba, Mo. Everybody talks about "The fight I seen last night!" Well
everyone will be talking about this one for a long time to come, as a reporter I have always been impressed with Jake Collier's fighting abilities, but I never thought of him as an acrobat also,
but now that has changed. The only way for me to describe this fight is to show it to you, see video below.

CSC West Sectional Flyweight (125lb) Title Bout
Eric Acuna out of Gladiators MMA Berryville, Ark vs Dustin Pierson out of CMMA under Steve Knogl Granite City, Il. Dustin Pierson came in looking strong, prepared for battle and he got it
with Eric Acuna. The first round wasn't very exciting, as usual Acuna used it to feel out his opponent, allowing that Pierson win the round to get that false sense of security and assuredness.
In round #2 we seen a totally different fighter emerge in Acuna and in :44 min of Rd #2 Pierson TO due to an arm bar. Once again Eric, nice fight, Congratulations on the win, I'll catch you
down South on the 19th for an interview.

CSC West Sectional Featherweight (120-lb) Title Bout
Greg Wilson out of The War Room under Adam Marburger Woodriver, Il vs Bobby Russell out of Team Vaghi under Mike Rogers St. Charles, Mo. Bobby came in showing more style in his
stand up and landing some good blows to Wilson's face and head, but Greg looked a little wild and leery of getting to close to Russell, putting his head down and swinging for anything as he
came in, Bobby maintained his composure and tried to time Wilson's attempted strikes and caught him quite a few times, Wilson kept on trying until he tripped over Booby's feet and landed
on the ground with Russell jumping into his full guard and raining down some blows, Greg soon spun out of this position and regained his feet, he then attempted to box with Booby but soon
found out that he was totally outclassed by Bobby's footwork and striking so he backed off, Bobby wasn't having none of that and went after him and the slugging contest continued until
Greg (with his head down and swinging wildly) got a lucky shot and broke Bobby's nose knocking him to the ground, the ref stopped the fight at 1:41 min of Rd #1. Greg, I wish I could say
"Nice fight" but in this one I was disappointed, look at the video yourself, I know you can perform better than this, as I've seen you do so, but in this one I can only say Congratulations on
receiving the Title. Nice fight Bobby, some great stand up in there, sorry about the nose.

CSC CENTRAL US Welterweight (170lb) Title Bout
Quartus Stitt out of The War Room under Adam Marburger Woodriver, Il vs Lance Benoist out of Team Vaghi under Rodrigo Vaghi and Mike Rogers Fenton, Mo. In the first round there was
a lot of dancing around and attempted strikes, with very few landing and some grappling for control, it was more of a feeling each other out round with Quartus attempting to spike Lance and
Lance delivering an accidental low-blow immediately following and then Quartus delivered one of his own upon returning to the center of the ring to resume the fight, they sparred around a
little bit more and then Benoist delivered another accidental low-blow, only this one looked as if Stitt did it to himself when he grabbed Lance's leg and pulled it toward himself after an
attempted kick by Benoist, upon returning to continue there were a couple of strike attempts and then Benoist scooped up Stitt and slammed him to the mat, Stitt soon spun out and tried to
regain his feet only to be grounded again with Benoist on his back striking and trying to secure a RNC as the buzzer sounded. Stitt came in very strong and striking in the beginning of the
second round but was stopped by Lance just as quickly by being placed into an arm triangle and getting kneed to the midsection, he broke free only to feel the wrath of Benoist's kicks and
strikes, being grounded again with Benoist on top of him in side mount, Benoist soon had Stitt on his belly and flat on the mat in full mount, striking away at his head and ribs, the referee
stopped the fight at 1:41 min of Rd #2. Nice fighting guys, Congratulations Benoist very impressive win.