A Letter from the Director...

Hello Fighters, Trainers, Promoters and Fans,

I am stepping in today to let everyone know the status of The Combat Sports Commission as a whole.

First off,

I would like to let all of you know how much we appreciate you taking the time to check us out and by giving us a chance to help regulate this fine Sport. We really have a love for this sport
and really look towards making it a safer sport for the Fighters involved.

Over the past year, I have enjoyed the opportunity of being the Director for this Organization and for also being able to be a part of the learning process for many fighters that have fought on
our Sanctioned Events. We have really set the standard when it comes to Amateur Regulations and how they are enforced.

Some of our Accomplishments this past year include;

The Purchases of CSC Sanctioned and Approved Fight Gloves- These Gloves are designed for the safety of the Fighter in mind. We really do want these Fighters to be able to go to
work on Monday or be able to spend time with their loved ones, free of injury as much as possible, of course having safer gloves does not avoid injury 100%, but it does diminish the
possibility and threat of serious injury when the Fighters are all Fighting at the same level with the same equipment.

Implementing our Championship Title System- We changed from the Championship Series to our Regional, Sectional and State Title tiers for our Sanctioned Champions. This adds to
the level of competitiveness and quality of our Champions within the CSC. There are requirements that have to be met before a Fighter can fight for any of these Titles, this is what makes
our Champions, true Champions!!

NEW CSC CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BELTS!! Well, we have to let the cat out of the bag, there will be new belts coming for the CSC, FOR the CSC Champions!!!

Changing of the Website-
With change comes a new look, we can probably say, that we have one of the easiest sites to navigate around when looking for Information on Events to the
Forms needed to register a Fighter. We want people to be able to read stories from our Sanctioned Events and let the Fighters be able to look up Records of other Fighters in their
respective weight class. We also have a Forum Section, I would really like to see more Fighters, Trainers, Promoters and Fans get involved with this section of the Website. Whether you're
looking for a fight or want to make a comment about one.

Working on a Ranking System- It has been started, cleared, restarted and re-cleared again....It is not easy to run a ranking system without having a full staff to do the work..We are looking
into how we can get efficient with it. Just know that we are trying to come up with the best system that we can to get the fighters some recognition for their hard work.

There are allot more thing the CSC did to make the past year a success. This success came with a few bumps and bruises, from having to start from $0.00 to dropping promoters that can
not comply with the Rules and Regulations put before them.

Reporting ALL Contests Sanctioned by the CSC to ALL reporting agencies- One of our strictest policies in the CSC is "Reporting", we pride ourselves in the fact that we report to all
States that need to be reported to, other Amateur Mixed martial Arts Sanctioning bodies, Fighter Stats Agaencies and also MMA News Agencies. We feel it is one of the most important things
to do when the Event is all over with. Doing this ensures that Data Bases are accurate and informed of when a Fighter competes and how they lost. It is important to let the Agencies know
when a Fighter has been Suspended and what were the reasons warranting a Suspension. Doing this ensures that fighters that get seriously injurred are serving their suspensions and not
going out and fighting, when they should not be.

Having the best Officials in place- This ensures that Refereeing, Judging, Time Keeping, Inspections and enforcement are in place to make sure that all Rules and Regulations are
followed by, that the Safety of the Fighter is #1 and to ensure that the Event is properly recorded and reported to the Commission. We work hard to make it safer for the Fighters, we would
like to know that the other Agencies are also doing the same.

Enforcing a Match-Making Criteria- We enforce, what we feel is one of the best criteria when it comes to Amateur Mixed Martial Arts. This ensures that fighters are getting properly

We are currently expanding our horizons into Illinois and working on surrounding States to get the CSC and it's Sanctioning for Amateur Mixed Martial Arts available to Promoters who feel
they would really want something different for the Fighters that compete for them and something solid for their Events to be Regulated to the highest standards.

Illinois and Amateur mixed Martial Arts....

Recently, we have been trying to work on the State of Illinois and their decision to DE-REGULATE Amateur Mixed Martial Arts in their State.

One of the things that disturbs me the most is that they would give up on the Amateur Fighters like that. To me, it is like they said, "To hell with them, we don't get money from them, why
should we care??". This is WRONG, the Amateur side of sports are what make athletes what they are today. Without the amateur side of a sport, you have allot of properly trained individuals
calling themselves professionals and they cannot live up to the hype. Great example, when you watch a boxing match, if they put a Pro Fighter with tons of amateur experience, he/she will
shine over a fighter with no amateur experience, therefore, making the match a one sided fight.

We have that going on allot now in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, allot of guys calling themselves Professionals and they have never had any amateur experience. Sure, some of them do
well, but, with no prior experience in Combative Sports, jumping into that cage can a nightmare and potentially be lethal for the unexperienced Fighter.

For a State with such a HUGE number of Amateur Mixed Martial Artist in their State, you would think that they would look for ways to enforce Regulation and to gain some kind of control on
the sport to ensure that rules and regulations are being enforced and that the safety of the Fighter is the #1 thing on everyone's mind.

Well, they did.....They enforced that ALL Amateur Mixed Martial Arts have some form of Sanctioning by a State of Illinois approved Sanctioning Body that would come in and make sure that
these standards are met.

That only last about 10 months, if I have my timing correct, and when the State of Illinois realized that it was a waste of their time to enforce regulations because, they were not getting
anything out of it.......They swiftly passed HB786, dropping all responsibility of the State of Illinois from enforcing anything on the Amateur side of the sport. This means that anyoone wanting
to run an Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Event in the State of Illinois, can do so without Sanctioning and by the States Rules little to no coverage at all.

Now, they will get on the phone with you and tell you that if you goto the States "Boxing Act" and read under the Proffesional Rules for Mixed Martial Arts, that those are the Rules that
Amateur MMA Promoters are to follow by when holding an Event.

Well, I read through those rules, I looked at every inch of them...

There is nothing Stating that the Amateurs must follow all of the Rules that the Pros do, what it does say is this....

State of Illinois Seal

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
Division of Professional Regulation

           For Immediate Release:Monday, August 27, 2009                    
Notice of Amended Professional Boxing Act
Effective immediately, the Professional Boxing Act has been amended by HB 786.  The following provides a brief synopsis of the changes:

* Replaces "mixed martial arts" with "full-contact martial arts" and defines it as the use of a singular discipline or a combination of techniques from different disciplines of
the martial arts, including, without limitation, full-force grappling, kicking, and striking with the intent to injure, disable, or incapacitate one's opponent.

* Provides that professional full-contact martial arts contests shall come under the authority of the Act and be regulated by the Department of Financiial and Professional

* Removes provision concerning exemptions.

* Makes changes to the definition of "amateur", "contest", "judge", "martial arts", "matchmaker", and "person". Defines "amateur full-contact martial arts event". Makes
other changes.

* Requires anyone conducting an amateur full-contact martial arts event to notify the Department in writing of the date, time, and location of the event at least 20 days
prior to the event.  A sample notification form is provided at the Department’s website.

* Provides that amateur full-contact martial arts events be conducted in a manner that provides substantially similar protections for the health, safety, and welfare of the
participants and the public as are required for professional events. Failure to comply with this requirement renders the event prohibited and subjects persons to


Complete copies of the Act and/or Rules can be found at the following links:

The parts in red, well this is the only thing in all of their Rules and Regs that I have found pertaining to Amateur mixed Martial Arts in their State.

This is what they tell you that you must go by..

State of Illinois PROFESSIONAL Boxing Rules

You go down to "SUBPART C: MARTIAL ARTS OR MIXED MARTIAL ARTS" and read, still nothing pertaining to Amateur Mixed Martial Arts, NOTHING!!

I did find one part under "Application for Licensing a Contestant" to be quite funny...

   First Time Contestant (Amateur Contestant Desiring to Turn Professional)

In addition to the application requirements set forth in subsections (c) through (m), the application for licensure by a first time contestant shall be completed on forms
provided by the Division and shall include:

1)         A government issued photo identification (e.g., driver's license, passport);
2)         Proof of age (e.g., driver's license or copy of birth certificate);
3)         Social Security Number or tax identification number, as appropriate;

4)         For amateur contestants becoming professional contestants, documentation of 2 years of martial arts or mixed martial arts experience as an amateur, including the
total number of bouts and a breakdown of wins and losses.  The applicant shall have a minimum of 5 bouts or demonstrate exceptional fighting ability as determined by
the Division.

My question..... How do we prove that as an Applicant, if there is no way to do it because, The State of Illinois does not support it's amateurs??

The State makes you know that by their standards, you have to have the High Dollar Insurances and also make sure that your Fighters have their Bloodwork and Physicals, I agree with
Bloodwork, this is a no-brainer,  and maybe something about Physicals, but Fighters that fight on our Sanctioned Events get full pre-fight physical examinations by a physician and EMS, why
make the Fighters pay for one that could be out of Date or cause for improper pre-fight inspections.

Problems begin when the State tells you, "We are not going to Regulate, but, we require you to do this...."

My response, "It's either, you shit or get off the pot!!", My advice to the State of Illinois, either regulate or Step back and let someone do it for you. What is the difference
between Sanctioning Bodies coming in for Amateur Mixed Martial Arts and USABoxing coming in for Amateur Boxing???

I do not know how to be any more blunt than that right there. If you are not going to be enforcing Regulations on the Amateurs, why tell them they have to do things in a certain way??

Here is the one thing that says it all...

(225 ILCS 105/6) (from Ch. 111, par. 5006)
(Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2012)
Sec. 6. Restricted contests and events.
(a) All professional contests in which physical contact is made are prohibited in Illinois unless authorized by the Department pursuant to the requirements and standards stated in this Act and
the rules adopted pursuant to this Act.
(b) Department authorization is not required for amateur full‑contact martial arts events conducted in a manner that provides substantially similar protections for the health, safety, and
welfare of the participants and the public as are required for professional events by this Act and the rules adopted by the Department under this Act. Those protections shall include, at a
minimum, onsite medical staff and equipment, trained officials, adequate insurance coverage, weight classes, use of appropriate safety equipment by participants, adequate and safe
competition surfaces, and standards regarding striking techniques and fouls. Anyone conducting an amateur full‑contact martial arts event shall notify the Department in writing of the date,
time, and location of that event at least 20 days prior to the event. Failure to comply with the requirements of this Section shall render the event prohibited and unauthorized by the
Department, and persons involved in the event are subject to the procedures and penalties set forth in Section 10.5.
(Source: P.A. 95‑593, eff. 6‑1‑08; 96‑663, eff. 8‑25‑09.)

In this statement right here, you can basically see that they mention that you do not need Authorization from the State as long as it provides "Substantially" similar protections for Health,
Safety and the welfare of the Participants and the Public.

They never mention amounts when it comes to Amateur Promotional Guidelines, just similarities...

So actually,

As long as you provide, as a minimum,

onsite medical staff and equipment-----> Doctor and EMS are, by CSC Regs, MANDITORY at Cage Side
trained officials-----> ALL Officials with the CSC are fully trained
adequate insurance coverage-----> Truthfully, any insurance is better than none, we Provide the $5000/$5000/$500
weight classes----->The CSC has it's designated Weight Classes
use of appropriate safety equipment by participants-----> The CSC Provides Competition Gloves and ensures that Fighters have their Safety Gear(Groin Protector and
adequate and safe competition surfaces----->The Cage or Boxing Ring is fully inspected and approved of before the Fights Begin
and standards regarding striking techniques and fouls-----> CSC Rules and Regulations are easily accessible by Fighters, Promoters, Trainers and Fans.

I believe that covers what the State of Illinois requires for Amateur Mixed Martial Arts.


Hopefully to more States with more Promotions!!!

We would like to show our worth when it comes to Sanctioning Amateur MMA in other States and show that we are not just some fluke of a Company.

Hopefully, we will pick up more Promotions that see they want more out of a Sanctioning Body than a hand sticking out waiting for money!!

We have some changes coming in the near future that should really shake things up a bit for Amateur Mixed Martial Arts.

We would really like to see some more of these Sanctioning Title Fights on Cards. We need to get these Fighters some of the higher level fights to make them better and to produce good
matches on Cards. PLEASE, encourage Promoters to start doing these fights!!!

We are really looking to making this Sport more competitive, safer and more enjoyable for all, we need cooperation and understanding in doing so. So, work with us by reading our Rules and
Regulations. We do not just hold Fighters Responsible for knowing the Rules. We also hold Promoters, Trainers and Officials just as responsible.

We have to be on the same page at all times!!!

I want to again, thank all of you for your time, patience and willingness to be a part of something that is going to be great for all those involved!!


Brad Wick
Director of Operations
Combat Sports Commission