Medical Suspensions
Disciplinary Suspensions
Other Suspensions & Expulsions
Suspensions Levied by Other Sanctioning Organizations
Terry Madden, Promoter for Cage of Fury-This Promoter had a show at the St. Charles Family Arena in St. Charles, MO. on 08/22/09 where he failed to pay Staff and also wrote several checks that ended up
bouncing, including one for $1750.00 to The Combat Sports Commission for Sanctioning and Insurances, also, a check for $750.00 to reimburse an out of town MMA Team that paid for all of their hotel and
Travel with the agreement that Mr. Madden was going to reimburse for said expenses. He also failed to pay his added Fees to the CSC from this Event.
As of 09/15/2009, this Promoter will not be allowed to
Sanction with the CSC until he has fully paid all parties involved and then only after it has been put under review with the Board of Directors. The Amount owed to the CSC-$2025.00($1750 Chk+$225 Registration
Fees+$50 Returned Check Fee)+ There will be a $250 Fine imposed against this Promoter for violating CSC Rules and Regulations.
Sydney Littleton Suspended for 1 year by the Combat Sports Commission after being DQ'd for Biting his Opponent Charles Rogers on his Chest. This is highly against Fighter Conduct in the Ring and was
an Intentional act committed by Littleton.
Fighter contacted the CSC and is disputing the Suspension. As of 6-12-2010, Littleton will be allowed to return to competition in the Cage. Littleton has been
placed on a 1 year Probationary Period. If there are any incidents, further actions will be enforced.
Mail Fines to:

Combat Sports Commission
c/o Fines Dept.
33 Tanglewood Drive
Carl Junction, MO. 64834
Donnie Kohler AS OF 06-16-2012  is Suspended PERMANENTLY from all CSC Sanctioned Competitions.
Kevin Hahn, Trainer for Hahn MMA, as of 7-22-2010, has been placed on a minimum of 30 Day Suspension and has also incurred a $250 Fine for Misconduct towards a CSC Official on 6-19-2010.
Misconduct and Disrespect towards a CSC Official will not be tolerated at anytime. Trainer will not be allowed to attend any CSC Sanctioned Events until Fines and Minimum Suspension period has been
served. This does not include Assistant Trainers and Fighters representing Hahn MMA.
Trainer has Spoken with CSC Director and have come to an agreement. Suspension is Placed on Hold for 90 Days.

March 19, 2011
Proving Grounds Event at SBAC in St. Louis, MO.- Kevin Hahn is now placed on an extended 6 Month Probation for Violating Conduct Rules for Cornerman. Through Video Evidence, Kevin Hahn
inadvertently shoved a Spectator when he was asked to please squat down. Team Hahn's corner was advised by the CSC Representative to get "Head Level" in the Corner several times during the
match. Following the Match Kevin Hahn's actions caused a large Crowd Brawl in which an Official's Wife was knocked to the ground. Team Hahn had to be forced to a back room to get the crowd to calm
down and be escorted from the premises..

These actions will not be tolerated by the CSC at any time. THIS PROBATIONARY PERIOD DOES NOT INCLUDE FIGHTERS FROM HAHN MMA. Any Violation during this time will call for a Total Suspension
from CSC Sanctioned Events.