100.00        Definitions and Clarifications

Definitions of commonly used terms

“Combat Sports Commission” CSC-- the organization and sanctioning body responsible for the legal operations of Mixed Martial Arts competitions around the state as
required and allowed by regulations set forth by the State of Missouri.

“Announcer”—the person responsible for announcing the names of the officials, the contestants, the contestants’ weights, and the decisions of the referee and judges
during a bout.

“Bout”—one (1) match involving 2 (two) AMATEUR mixed martial arts contestants.

“Contest”—a group of bouts involving qualified contestants competing in mixed martial arts.

“Contestant”—any human being who enters the fighting area to compete against another human being during a mixed martial arts event.

“Event”--the entirety of pre-production, announcements, introductions, bouts, and post-production on a specified date for the purpose of displaying amateur mixed martial
arts within the rules and regulations of Combat Sports Commissions and state licensing.

“Fighting area”—the ring, cage or physical area of the event site where the contestants compete during the mixed martial arts bout or contest.

“Judge”—a person serving as a member of a judging panel for mixed martial arts. The panel is responsible for determining a decision in each bout.

“Manager”—one who, directs or controls the activities of any contestant.

“Mixed martial arts”—any bout or contest in which any form of martial arts or self-defense is conducted on a full-contact basis. Where weapons are not used and where
other combative techniques or tactics are allowed in competition, including, chokeholds, boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, grappling and/or joint manipulation. As defined by
chapters 1100.00, 1200.00, & 1300.00 of Missouri State Regulations, and additional limitations set fourth within these rules and regulations.

“Matchmaker”—the person responsible for matching the contestants for a bout(s) as to weight and experience as directed in Chapter 560.00 of the Missouri State
Regulations and set fourth within these rules and regulations.

“Official”—referee(s), judge(s), matchmaker(s), manager(s), second(s), announcer(s), timekeeper(s) and physician(s) certified and licensed by Combat Sports Commission
and / or the  Missouri Office of Athletics, and are allowed to conduct themselves in that capacity at a mixed martial arts contests.

“Physician”—a person who is licensed as a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy, and who has received a license as a physician by the State of Missouri.

“Professional”—the status of any athlete that has received direct or indirect compensation for competing in any contest in any state or sport.

“Promoter”—a person, association, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or any form of business entity which enters into an agreement with CSC, to
arrange, advertise or conduct a mixed martial arts event, and is responsible for payment of any , production right taxes, expenses not covered by the sanctioning contract,
and associated sanctioning fees.

“Purse”—the financial guarantee or any other remuneration which contestants receive for participating in a bout. It includes the contestant’s share of any payment
received for radio broadcasting, television or motion picture rights.

“Referee”—the person in charge of enforcing the rules of the sanctioning body and/or rules placed by the state office of athletics during any mixed martial arts contest.

“Representative”—the person employed by CSC to attend a sanctioned mixed martial arts events to ensure that all rules and regulations set forth are adhered to and all
applicable state laws, as set forth in the license of the Office of Athletics.

“Scorekeeper”--the individual that is responsible for calculating, deducting points if appropriate, and recording all of the judges’ score cards immediately following a contest
which warrants a judge’s decision, and reporting said scores to the representative.

“Second”—an individual who attends to the contestant between rounds.

“Timekeeper”—a person responsible for keeping accurate time during each bout for a mixed martial arts bout.

110.00        Combat Sports Commission Staff Directors
All business operations conducted on behalf of the Combat Sports Commission is to be directed by 1 (one) or more of the following directors as defined by their position and
areas of responsibility.  All CSC staff is directed to assist the on-site promotion staff within the guidelines of their position, abilities, and within the parameters set forth in
the sanctioning agreement.

National Director  (Board)
Responsible for administration duties to include, but not limited to, recording data, filing legal papers, preparing correspondence with State officials, coordinating with
promoters the technical aspects of all events.  

Regional Director (Board)
Responsible for all activities of an assigned Region.  Assists the National Director with daily activities.  This position directly assists by; maintaining and implementing rules
and regulations as required by the Board of Directors and/or State Regulations.  

Chief Representative (Board)
Responsible for all Representatives assigned at each event.  This person will be available to assist promoters with production concerns if needed.    

Director of Media Relations and Public Relations (Staff)
Responsible for all announcements, advertising, and media related events.  Obtaining sponsorships and coordinating with the National or Regional Director, a sponsorship
package for events.

Each event is to have a press release sent to local media outlets 24 hours prior to the event.  The release is to include contact information, location of the event, start times,
and headline fight or event.  A brief synopsis about the promotion company, CSC, and the sport of MMA must be included.

Fighter Representative (Board)
An individual responsible for assisting fighters and addressing concerns regarding any aspect of their involvement with CSC. Assisting fighters with scheduling, bout
protests, and travel scheduling, are a few areas that may be addressed.

This position should not be filled by an active fighter due to the amount of time dedicated to the position.

Promoter-at-Large (Board)
An individual that is selected by their peers to represent promotional concerns in the daily operations of CSC.  This position requires attendance at the annual Board of
Directors meeting.

Medical Director (Board)
An individual responsible for assisting fighters by attending to medical concerns and fitness for competition during and prior to events.  This person should also attend to
injuries as required by competition after each bout.  Additionally, all medical related correspondence, forms, or inquiries should be handled.  Lastly, all medical safety
suspensions will be directed by the Medical director within the ranges set forth.