1100.00        Ways to Win a Contest

Fighter safety is our number one concern.  All decisions by any officials will first and foremost take into consideration, the best interests of the fighter’s health and welfare.

KNOCKOUT: A fighter is unable to intelligently defend himself following a legal strike(s) or kick(s).

TKO: If the ringside Medical Doctor or Referee decides the fighter cannot continue due to a cut or other injury received during a legal technique.

SUBMISSION: When a fighter submits by tapping on the opponent, the mat, themself more than "3" (three) times as a result of; a choke, lock, or any other reason. If a fighter is not in a position to tap, he/she
may yell “STOP, STOP, STOP“, "MATTE", "QUIT" or "GIVE UP". If a fighter cannot tap and cannot verbally tap, the referee shall stop the bout from his own personal determination with the fighter's safety
being the paramount concern.

REFEREE STOPPAGE: When a fighter is taking excessive punishment but cannot or will not submit or quit, either due to striking, failing to show a willingness to continue, a refusal to submit in the face of
grave injury, or any other reason the referee believes is necessary to preserve the fighter's safety.

THROW IN THE TOWEL: When in the opinion of the fighter’s corner, their fighter has received enough and decides to end the bout for the health and safety of the fighter. This shall count as a TKO.

QUIT: When a fighter simply cannot or refuses to continue. This will count as a TKO.

DISQUALIFICATION: A fighter is disqualified by the referee due to a rules infraction or the fighter, for whatever reason, does not meet the criteria for the pre-fight screening and is not allowed to participate in
the event. Should a fighter be disqualified more than 1 (one) time in a 12 (twelve) month period, the fighter will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

FORFEIT: When a scheduled fighter, after qualifying, fails to answer the initial bell of the first round in their respective bout.

DECISION: When the bout has ended after the scheduled numbered of rounds and the specified time period, without a winner, the bout decision will be determined by the (3) three judges, based on the rules as