1300.00             Illegal Techniques

If a competitor flagrantly violates any rule, the ring referee may immediately disqualify him / her.  If the foul is not severe or intentional, the ring referee will issue a
warning OR point deduction(s) from the offending fighter.  


NO disrespect towards your Opponent at any time.

NO elbow striking at all, at any time, NO Downward Elbow Striking will be allowed - **Point of the Elbows will result in immediate disqualification.

NO Forearm Strikes.  **This helps to eliminate the "accidental" elbow strike.

No Knee strikes to the head from any position, except as provided under the match making criteria set forth HERE.

OF AN APPONENT AT ANYTIME, When Slamming an Opponent, you must have FULL Control of your Opponent when
slamming him/her to the mat. This also includes picking up an Opponent and throwing him/her to the mat.

No Stomping the top of the foot.

No Kicking or Stomping a downed opponent,
No contestant is allowed to jump or stomp on an opponent at any time!!
** If the downed fighter is not pursued, the fighters will be stood up into a neutral position.   Exception: when both fighters are grounded, knee strikes to the body or
legs are legal.  The offensive fighter may NOT raise them self from the down position in order to deliver the strike.  ie; the offensive fighter must keep their other
knee on the ground when using this method. The
downed opponent is allowed to Up-kick to the standing opponent.

No Heel Strikes to the Kidneys or Spine from the Full Guard Position.

Mouthpiece must stay in Fighter's Mouth at all times
(May not be hanging out of Mouth)

No Throwing Mouthpieces out of the Fighting area. Until the supposed Winner's hand is Raised, the bout is not Official, A Fighter can be Disqualified before the
decision is announced.

No Talking during the bout, this is not only a Safety Issue, it is also to save confusion of the Referee thinking that a Fighter is "Verbally" tapping out.

No Grabbing of the Opponents Shorts, Rash Guard or Gloves at any time.

NO Biting.

Single hand or two-handed chokes to the throat.

Eye-Gouging (including with chin or forehead)

Pulling, pushing, poking, or twisting to an opponent's face.

Fish hooks to the eyes, nose, ear, mouth, or laceration.

Hair pulling.

Single digit manipulation, No finger or toe locks.

Head butting to any part of an opponents head or body.

No fingertip, thumb, or knuckle gouging, rakes, or strikes, including to the throat or mandible region

No Acrobatics or rebounding off of the cage or using the cage in any manner.

No strikes to the: throat, groin, spine, or the back of the head,  (The area about the size of a balled up fist on the back of a fighters head, crown of the head to the
C-7 notch on the spinal column) The main thing here is to watch the downward and direct shots more than the glancing shots to the back of the head..If a fighter
keeps turning into the shots as they are thrown, the offending fighter will still be warned, but, the receiving fighter will be told about the turning into the shots.

*NOTE* A Fighter has as much time needed for recovery , Time Keeper will stop time and the  offending fighter must go to a neutral corner farthest away from his
corner, during this time the Referee will need to check with other judges about the offense. If after the Recovery Period, the injured fighter can continue,Time
Keeper will start time on the Referee and action in the bout will resume after warnings have been given. If, after trying to recover, the injured fighter, the Fighter
cannot continue, the fight can be stopped and the bout will be considered a "No Contest", pending investigation into the fight.

**NOTE This does not mean that it will not be a Disqualification, if the fight stops on a Foul, it is deemed a Disqualification..

Lifting, pushing, throwing, or otherwise forcing an opponent out of the ring / cage.

Fighters may NOT grab the ring ropes or cage AT ANY TIME the two fighters are in contact with each other, in an attempt to stall action, trap his opponent, escape a
technique, or otherwise gain an advantage.  If a fighter grabs or secures any ring rope or cage fencing or pole with a hand, arm, foot or leg during the bout to avoid
a possible submission, the referee will stop the bout and deduct 1 (one) point from the offending fighter.  A warning will be issued to the offending fighter  that he /
she will be disqualified if another offense of holding the cage or ropes occurs.

If a fighter continually holds the ring ropes to rest, or pull himself from the action, avoid the bout's action, a warning for timidity will be issued to the fighter and his
corner.  Should the violation continue, the fighter who has violated the warning shall be disqualified for timidity.  A report of this action will be forwarded for review
by the Board of Directors for follow-up action, if warranted.

Excessive grabbing or other use of the ring ropes is a violation of these rules and may result, at the referee's sole discretion, in a fighter's disqualification and an
award of the bout to that fighter's opponent. The Lead Referee will instruct fighter during the rules meeting about the fouls and consequences of violating those
rules.  At the conclusion of the rules meeting, no contestant has the right to receive any additional warnings by the officials about any rules violation.  It is at the
discretion of the ring referee to impose a warning, point deduction, or disqualification.

1300.10       Penalties

All penalties during a bout is at the sole discretion of the ring referee and the infraction is not reviewable under protest.

Non-intentional fouls do not constitute an immediate warning and/ or point deduction.  The referee will determine each case individually.

Depending on the severity of the foul, the referee can forego a warning and deducted 1 (one) or more points at any time.

WARNING- A stop in the action that requires the ring referee to point out a rules violation that if goes uncorrected, will result in a point deduction or

A warning is to have no impact to any judges score.  

The offending fighter must acknowledge the correction and communicate to the referee he/ she understands.

1 (One) Point Deduction- After a warning has been issued, or the severity warrants, the referee will impose a penalty of a 1 (one) point deduction from the offending
fighter that has intentionally violating any rule.  

The referee will stop the action, send the offended fighter to a neutral corner, and the offending fighter will be taken to each judge and the infraction identified and
the amount of the deduction.

The referee will then take the offending fighter to his corner and announce to the corner man, the infraction and penalty.

The offending fighter will be instructed to go to the opposing neutral corner and prepare to re-start the bout.

2 (two) Point Deduction- On a second violation or if severity warrants, the referee will impose a 2 (two) point deduction from the offending fighter.

Actions are the same as a one point deduction.

Disqualification - If no other means are effective or the severity of the violation is of such a nature that the contest must be stopped, the referee may disqualify the
offending fighter.

The disqualified fighter will be placed on administrative suspension until the review is complete.

A notification will be sent to all sanctioning bodies in the state of the administrative suspension, as well as, a suspension release when applicable.

A disqualification warrants a mandatory review by the complete Board of Directors within 14 (fourteen) days of the event.

The ring referee must complete an incident report and file it with the CSC office within 3 (three) days of the event.

The Board of Directors will forward a copy of the report to the Missouri Office of Athletics upon completion.

NOTE:  Should an illegal technique be used resulting in the offended contestant not able to continue, the ring referee can enforce one of two penalties.  The first
penalty is to announce the bout a "NO-CONTEST".  In this case, neither fighter receives a win or loss on their record.  

The second and most severe penalty, the referee will announce the offending fighter is "Disqualified".  Therefore, the bout is immediately sent to a review board for
consideration.  In this case, the review board will make the determination as to the fighters record and either award a loss to the offender or as a no-contest.  In
either case, the fighter that was unable to continue, will not receive a win on his/ her record.  

1300.20       Suspensions

In an effort to maintain consistency in Amateur MMA, CSC will honor the medical / safety suspensions levied by other the sanctioning bodies within the State of
Missouri.  However, Disciplinary suspensions
levied by other sanctioning bodies will be handled case by case.

All persons receiving a suspension have the right to an appeal.  The appeal must be made in writing within 7 (seven) days of the announced suspension.  The
fighter has the right to appear and state a case at a
review panel with the Board of Directors.

Safety Suspensions are as follows;

Utilizing the doctors recommendation and coordinating with the event representative; the following parameters may be instituted as a suspension and reported to
ALL sanctioning bodies; If any fighter is
discovered to have fought during a suspension period and failed to report the incident on your confirmation form, or physical form, to CSC, or any other sanctioning
body, or an unsanctioned event, a
disciplinary suspension will be imposed along with a minimum fine of $250.00 or higher and up to complete expulsion.  

A fighter, whether they win or lose, MUST have (7) SEVEN days between fights.(Fighters that Fight on Saturday, may return to competition the following Saturday as
long as they were cleared
by ringside physicians).


RSC-H/TKO - Automatic 30 days
Submission, with no injury - 7 Days
Submission, with injury - Determined by Ringside Physician
KO - 30, 45, 60 or 90 days - A doctors clearance is required to lift suspension
Facial Cut - 14 to 90 days - A doctors clearance is required to lift suspension
Choked unconscious - 30-90 days

Should a fighter receive a K.O. loss as determined by the Cage Side Doctor, an Automatic 30 (thirty) day Suspension will be handed down with the possibility of it
being as much as 90 (ninety) days will be implemented per the Cage Side Doctor.

(Examples, ultimately, the Cage Side Physician is the determining factor as to the length of the suspension.)
Flash KO but, unconscious for less than 1(one) minute- 30 days
KO with no response for 1-2 minutes- 60 Days
KO with no response for more than 2 minutes- 90 Days

If a fighter receives a second K.O. with in 6 (six)months, an automatic safety suspension of 90 Days will be implemented until a written full medical release is
permitted by a licensed physician, and the allotted
time has expired from the fight doctors initial suspension..        

Disciplinary Suspensions:
If a second disciplinary suspension occurs within 12 (twelve) months, the review board will consider the permanent expulsion of the offending fighter.  Should the
offenses warrant, a fighter may be expelled and have no future fights.  A forwarded report will go to the Missouri Office of Athletics, and an announcement will go to
all licensed Sanctioning Bodies in the State of Missouri.

1300.30      Stoppages due to Injury

Bout stoppages due to an injury will result in the possibility of different outcomes in the match, these outcomes need to be closely adhered to.

The 3(three) possibilities that factor into a fight stopping due to an injury are;

1. Legal Blow- If the fight is stopped due to an injury, severe enough to stop the contest, from a LEGAL BLOW, the injured Fighter loses via TKO.
2. Intentional Foul- Any injury from an INTENTIONAL FOUL that is severe enough to stop the bout immediately, the Fighter committing the foul loses via
3. Unintentional Foul- Any Injury due to an Unintentional Foul and the Injured Fighter cannot continue, The Bout will be declared a NO CONTEST.