1400.00        Bout Protest

A Bout Protest will only be accepted when a legitimate, justified and A provable reason exists. Some of the issues may include, but are not be limited to:

Personal issues with a certain judge such as favoritism or a personal bond to a fighter, that can be proved that, these ties are either negative or positive towards one or both of the fighters involved.

A questionable stoppage of the bout, in regards to a flagrant rules violation or disqualification.  

Problem with the round times, too long or too short.

Failure of equipment that caused an issue with the fight. (Light Malfunction, Cage / Ring Failure etc.).  In this case, a winner will not be decided, instead, a draw or no contest may be the outcome.  Should this
occur, a fight should not continue without each fighter being in agreement.  A bout protest is not in order after and agreement to fight had been reached.

If a fighter takes repeated blows and cannot escape or intelligently defend him /herself, it is irrelevant if the fighter says they are not hurt, this is not reviewable.

No protest will be considered without the below required information and fees;

All protests must be received by the CSC Office in writing, with all pertinent evidence, within 10 (ten) days from the date of the event in which the protest took place.

Protest must include a VHS or DVD of raw footage of the bout. No protest will be reviewed without video evidence.

Any additional evidence should accompany the written protest such as statements, pictures etc.  Be sure to include the grounds for which the protest is being levied, the potential outcome you are seeking and

A final decision of the protests will be determined within 30 days by the National Director or his designee.  The results of the review will be in written form, recorded in CSC files, forwarded to the Missouri
Office of Athletics, and the contestant.

All bout protests require a $100.00 deposit.  Should the ruling be in favor of the contestant which levied the protest, a refund will be included in the findings report.

Mail all required information and fees to:
Combat Sports Commission
C/O Bout Review.
33 Tanglewood Drive
Carl Junction, MO. 64834