200.00          Authority to Govern

The rules and regulations within this document constitute the official rules of Combat Sports Commission, hereinafter known as CSC or the sanctioning body and must
govern all sanctioned events under the license of CSC.

Enforcement of these rules shall be by contractual agreement and the responsibility of the Promoter, Officials, Representative, Employees, the Promoter, and CSC.

These rules must be followed for all CSC amateur events. Use of these rules does not necessarily carry the sanctioning of CSC.  To obtain a sanction, a properly signed
sanction agreement must be submitted, which becomes a binding contract when signed by the promoter and designated staff representative of CSC.

All individuals associated with any sanctioned event must acquaint themselves with all applicable rules, regulations of CSC, as well as, any regulations set forth by the
State of Missouri, the governing authority.

Any questions and interpretations should be referred to the event representative or chief official on site.

The authority of the officials and event representative will be respected. No one will interfere with the officials or event
representative’s duties; use foul language or threats of physical harm.

The promoter will be responsible for seeing that all regulations promulgated by CSC are strictly adhered to and the instructions of the officials are carried out.

All officials, administrative personnel, and participants of Combat Sports Commission (CSC), must be available to appear before any state authority as requested and
truthfully answer any appropriate questions which such personnel may have knowledge of including complaints, protests, intervention or suspensions which if deemed
necessary or requested will be shared with such appropriate authority.

210.00        Governing Body
A Board of director will be the sole governing body.  Supported by industry standards, state laws, insurance regulations, and personal experiences, decisions for the
successful operations and career advancement for the fighters will be determined by this board.

The Board of Directors will consist of 5 (five) members and 1 (one) Medical Director.  They are as follows;

National Director - the individual responsible for the overall operations of CSC.
Regional Director - the individual responsible for assisting the National Director.
Medical Director- the individual responsible for the physical parameters in which to provide to maximum safety for all participants
Chief Representative - the individual responsible for event representatives and their operations...
Promoter at Large - the individual responsible for representing the concerns of all promoters.
Fighter Representative - the individual responsible for representing the fighters concerns.

Board meetings will take place on the second Saturday of January, annually, beginning at 12:00pm, at a location to be announced prior to December 15, of each year. Any
Special Meetings may be called by no less than 2 (two) members and announced no later than 30 (thirty) days prior to the requested meeting date.  No meeting shall take
place without the Director of Operations or Director of Officials in attendance.

211.0       Cooperative Agreement
The CSC acts as an Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Sanctioning Body in accordance with The Missouri State Athletic Commission.

The CSC has an obligation to constantly make improvements, these improvements mean continuous education of CSC Staff, self reporting of incidents that happen within
the CSC Staff before, during or after an Event.

The CSC has an obligation, when asked, to turn over to The Missouri State Athletic Commission any Information pertaining to complaints, violations, suspensions and
expulsions administered by the CSC.