400.00        Contestants
All Contestants participating in CSC Sanctioned Events, must Register with The Combat Sports Commission as an Amateur.

All contestants participating in events sanctioned by CSC must be in amateur status and have a signed confirmation on file prior to the event.

Contestants are expected to continually improve their skills in preparation for advancement if they so choose.

It is CSC’s mission to provide all contestants a consistent, fair, non-partisan supporting body and a venue to showcase their advancements in technique and physical
endurance.  At CSC, our primary concern in sanctioning events is to support and promote the fighters and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Contestants that have private medical insurance are required to submit insurance information during registration.

410.00        Code of Conduct
All fighters must obey all event Officials, Medical Doctor, Representative, Promoter and Designee at all times.

Contestants must maintain respect for themselves and others at all times.  Bear in mind that you are representing, yourself, your family, your training partners, your gym, the
promoter, CSC, and most of all, our sport.  We expect you to act accordingly.

Contestants are expected to maintain appropriate hygiene and a professional appearance at all times.

The referees instructions must be followed at all times.  Any infractions of this will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly.

Although our sport requires a certain mindset, unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Contestants do not have to participate in the pre-fight handshake, however, they
are expected to show their opponent respect and honor before, during, and after the contest.

Should the doctor be attending to a downed fighter, it is our wishes that the uninjured fighter take a knee in his corner, and wait for the fighter to sit up to celebrate.  After the
fighter sits up, contestants are welcome to wish regards to their opponent.        

Upon conclusion of the bout, both contestants are required to stand with the Referee for the official announcement.  If one contestant is under the doctors care or unable, the
victor must stay for the announcement.

At no time are contestants or corners to make inappropriate hand gestures, vulgar language, or verbal sparring, with the opposition, officials, or spectator.  Should a problem
arise involving a spectator, all participants are expected to alert officials and allow them to handle the situation.

410.10        Pro / Am Rule
If any contestants wishing to participate in an event sanctioned by Combat Sports Commission has ever received any type of purse, received prize money, or received
compensation above and beyond travel expenses, for participating in any type of striking sport, you are considered a professional and can not participate in any contest.

When a participant receives any compensation for participation in any striking sport, your status as a professional can not be reversed.  

Should a participant that is considered a professional participate in any event sanctioned by CSC without disclosure, a complaint will be forwarded to the Missouri Department
of Athletics for possible sanctions.  A copy will also be forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney with jurisdiction for possible criminal charges.

410.15        Travel Expenses
Actual travel expenses may be paid or reimbursed to a contestant, and are limited to, mileage payment not to exceed $0.40 per mile one-way, 1 (one) lodging room not to
exceed $65.00, and 1 (one) meal, if applicable,  not to exceed $25.00.

Should any of the reimbursable expenses be provided by the promoter or sanctioning body, the contestant will only be reimbursed for the remaining expenses.

All reimbursements must be made in writing and presented to the event representative no later than 2 (two) hours prior to the start of the event.  

Any contestant, corner, supporter, or any other person relative to the fighter is not eligible to receive any form of compensation, reimbursement, or goods of value, from the
promoter, sanctioning body, sponsor, or spectator.

Any violation of these standards will result in disciplinary actions and a copy will be forwarded to the Missouri Office of Athletics for sanctions.  Actions may result in a
contestant being suspended from participating in any striking sport indefinitely.

410.20        Minimum Age Requirement
Contestants are required to be a minimum of 18 (eighteen) years old to compete in a mixed martial arts contest.
Contestants are required to be a minimum of 16 (sixteen) years old to compete in a K-1 Style Kickboxing Match.
There is no minimum age requirement for Grappling Contests.

410.30        Pre- Fight Entrance / Music / Conduct
All entrance music must be free of vulgar, offensive, or cursing language and in good taste.  An edited version of any song may be used and should be edited to no more than 90
(ninety) seconds. Violation of this rule will warrant contestant not being allowed to offer his choice of entrance music on future events, possible 30 day suspension and incur a
$50 Fine from the CSC.

Contestants will refrain from using profane language or hand gestures while participating in a sanctioned event.  At no time is a contestant allowed to yell or signal to any
spectator for any reason.  Any contestant that feels a spectator is belligerent should be directed to an event official immediately.

All contestants will be announced prior to them walking to the ring / cage for their bout.  Contestants have 120 (One hundred Twenty) seconds from the time the announcement
begins to make contact with the exterior referee located at the entrance of the competition area to be checked-in.

All Championship Bouts of State or Higher level will announce the fighter after he has made his way to the competition area.  Entrance music will be played and the contestant
has no more than 2 (two)minutes to make contact with the exterior referee located at the entrance to the competition area to be checked-in.  Contestants are to make their way
to their color coded corner and wait for their official announcement.

Competitors are not allowed an escort inside the competition area prior to the contest.      

420.00        Trainers / Seconds / Coach
Failure to obey the following Rules & Regulations will result in a disqualification, and loss to their fighter, and a possible suspension.  All suspensions will be forwarded to the
Missouri Office of Athletics
for sanctions.

Corner Passes- are now issued by the Sanctioning Body, this is to help with controlling the Dressing area and clearing up some of the unnecessary traffic. Corner passes will be
given out in the following manner; 2 passes per Team, 3 passes if that team has a Title Fight or has more than 4 Fighters fighting on the same card. 2 Passes will be given for
Independent Fighter's Corner, 3 passes if that fighter is
involved in a Title Fight. Without this pass, people will not be allowed into the dressing room area.

For NON TITLE fights, fighters are allowed a maximum of two (2) cornermen or trainers at ringside.

For TITLE fights, Three (3) cornermen are allowed for Regional, Sectional, State, National, or International Titles.

Cornermen are required to STAY in their fighter's corner, outside the ring or cage, while the match is in progress. Corners must be in contact with the assigned corner post, (eg;
trainer must be able to reach the corner post at all times)

Cornermen working on a sanctioned event must conduct themselves with appropriate and proper respect to all Officials.

Cornermen must conduct themselves with appropriate and proper sportsmanship in all ways connected with the match.

During the round breaks, 1 (one) cornerman is allowed in the ring while the others can stand outside the ring ropes or on the outside edge of the ring or on the floor. If the bout
takes place in a cage, 1(one) cornerman is allowed on the cage area designated for such coaches to attend to their fighter.  

No corners are allowed inside the competition area prior to the start of the contest.

One cornerman is allowed in the cage/ring at the conclusion of a match, however, no other persons are allowed in the cage or ring until after the official announcement is made.  
For Regional Titles and above, additional persons are allowed in the cage/ring after the official announcement.

Cornermen must obey the referee at all times during the match.

Cornermen may spray (not pour) water and apply bagged ice to a fighter between rounds. No other substances may be applied between rounds.  The cornermen are responsible
for drying the area prior to exiting.

430.00        Corners Conduct                    
At no time is it acceptable for a fighter or corner to make comments to the opposition during the bout. The corners are not permitted to communicate between themselves while
the bout is in progress.

No corner person should speak to the referee, judges, or representative for any reason while the bout is in progress..

If a fighter's corner leaves his/her corner area and goes directly ringside or cage side where the two fighters are grappling and it is not their corner area (within arms reach of
the properly colored corner pad), to coach their fighter, the referee shall stop the bout and make one of the following determinations:

Give a verbal warning for being out of the corner.
Deduct 1 (one) point from offending corners fighter.
End the round, awarding the round to the opposite fighter.
End the bout, awarding the bout to the opposite fighter.

Cornermen must be approved by Combat Sports Commission.

Cornermen must stay off the ring floor/canvas etc., while the bout is in progress. At no time is it permitted to lean on, grab, climb, shake, or hit the ring, cage, or fighting area.  
All corners are required to stay with shoulders no higher than the floor of the ring or cage.

Violation of these rules by any corner personnel can result in warnings, point deductions, and/or immediate disqualification of that corner's fighter.

Other fighters are not allowed to coach other fighters during a bout unless they are there as a corner.

Any unacceptable, inappropriate, rude or disrespectful behavior of any kind by a Cornerman or Trainer working an event will result in immediate corrective action by The CSC
and forwarded to Missouri Office of Athletics for sanctions.  Corrective action may result in suspensions, fines, or legal actions as warranted by the authority having jurisdiction
for the offending party. In addition, the offending party and/or the fighter may be suspended from any future events permanently.