600.00       Promoters
As a sanctioning body, our duties are to assist you by establishing an acceptable set of standards and guidelines to insure that your event will be successful.  Our entire staff can assist you with all aspects of
your productions.  Listed below are what is expected and required by you, the promoter, as well as, guidelines to help your staff be successful.

610.00        Expectations
As a promoter, you are expected to conduct business in a professional manner with the highest of ethics. Your primary concern must be the safety of the competitors and the willingness to help them
succeed in their career, by proper matchmaking, fair and just treatment, and respect.

A secondary expectation is the spectators must enjoy their experience.  By following our high standards of professionalism, ethics, and equitable treatment, your spectators should be treated with the same
courtesy by all staff members.

620.00        Requirements
Promoters are required to secure a venue for a scheduled event.

Promoters are required to Provide Venue Liability Insurance, when it is called for, for their Event Venue.

Promoters are required to provide the minimum acceptable Fighter's Liability Insurance($5000/$5000)

A request for sanctioning must be received for a specified date, no later than 30 (thirty) days prior to the requested date.  Should 2 (two) promoters request the same date in a relative close proximity,
preference will be given to the first written request received.  A secondary date will be offered to the other, preferably 7-14 days before or after the other Promoter's event.

On-site staff such as, ticket takers, ushers, security, vendors, fight coordinators, and any staff not agreed on in the sanction agreement, must be supplied by the promoter at his / her expense.

An agreement form must be on file prior to any event under the sanction of CSC be allowed to begin.

621.00       Video Recording
Unless otherwise arranged, it is the responsibility of the promoter to video record all bouts throughout the entire event.

A copy of the raw footage of the entire event must be forwarded to the CSC office and be received no later than 7 (seven) days after the event.

The promoter is required to keep on file, a copy of each event he has promoted for a period of 1 (one) year.

Upon written request by the Missouri Office of Athletics, the promoter is required to turn over the requested video recording of the specific event immediately.

630.00        Advertisement
All Advertisement, Programs and/or Handbills printed or otherwise, is required by the Missouri Office of Athletics to include the sanctioning body’s name and/ or logo in the advertisement.  

631.00        Media Relations
If requested, a media relations staff member may be assigned to your event.  All expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the promoter, unless specified in the event agreement.

640.00        Ring Girls / Hospitality Staff
We highly encourage the use of Ring Girls and Hospitality staff for your event, however, we must insist these guidelines be adhered to at all times
641.00        Conduct
All staff persons are required to act in a manner that is conducive to a casual business environment.  Profanity, rudeness, disrespect, hostile, or lewd behaviors will not be tolerated at any time.  Should a
problem arise, appropriate personnel should be contacted to handle the situation (eg; security for a fan that is hasty).

All staff should be reminded that they are representing the promoter, fighters, and CSC at all times when working the event and should conduct themselves accordingly.

642.00        Attire
All staff members working an event are required to wear attire that is in good taste.  

Ring girls are allowed to wear attire that is more revealing, if they so choose, but must maintain the highest standard of quality and class.

It is recommended that other staff members be dressed for the task at hand and maintain a clean positive appearance at all times.

643.00        Promotional Items
Promotional items that are to be given away must be given in a way that is impartial to all. Throwing shirt to the crowd, drawing, random seat number, or any other way the promoter uses, so long as no
favoritism is shown.  The exception is a prize that is the result of a contest that is participated in by only spectators that paid full entry price.  Promoter may not give items or prizes to any fighter involved in
any amateur event sanctioned by a state approved Amateur Sanctioning Body.  

650.00        Photographs and Image/ Logo Usage        
By entering into a sanction agreement with CSC, all images and photographs during sanctioned events may be reproduced and copied for official use by CSC for reasons to promote the fighters and sport.  

By entering into a sanction agreement with CSC, the promoter has to right to limited usage of Combat Sports Commission’s name, logo, slogan, or other materials that identify CSC as the sanctioning body.

Any royalties, commissions, or payments created by a sanctioned event must share a 15% margin with our media relations department for future development.

The Combat Sports Commission Reserves the right to print, publish and record all sanctioned events in order to maintain and produce records or knowledge of the work that the CSC does as a whole. This
includes Stories for distribution and all photos taken at CSC Sanctioned Events by the CSC's Official Reporting Staff.