900.00        Access for Officials and Staff
It is the right of each promoter to restrict the admission of any person(s) to an event hosted by them.  The listed exceptions must be given access to the venue at no charge while on official business.        

910.00        Access of CSC Staff
All CSC Officials, Staff, and Representatives must show proof of affiliation to gain access.  At no time is a CSC staff member allowed to use their issued credentials to gain entrance to an event in which they
are not working.  If any question of affiliation should arise, contact the representative on-site for clarification.

920.00        State Officials on Official Business
Any Official representing the Missouri Office of Athletics, while on official business, and presenting with credentials of their affiliation, will be allowed unlimited access to the event.  In no way does this allow
for access of persons accompanying the official unless they too have credentials.  If any violations of this occurs, report the event to the on-site representative.

930.00        Media
At the discretion of the promoter, a person representing the media may be allowed to enter the event without a fee, so long as, the person has appropriate identification.  Access to media personnel should be
limited to the public areas of the venue and not allowed access to dressing rooms, locker rooms, or ticket booth areas.  Prior to admission, media personnel should be directed to the on-site production staff to
assist them with access and standards to follow.