By maintaining the highest standards, unparalleled business practices and ethics,
unwavering honesty, and attention to detail, we will promote and assist others to
promote the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, within the guidelines established and all
applicable state laws.

By remaining attentive to the well being of all competitors, and the sport as a whole,
we will constantly develop and implement new programs and standards.  The safety
concerns of all competitors, as well as, their continued development will be
paramount above all other concerns.  All officials and employees will put fourth
enormous effort in order to assist all competitors in any reasonable manner

As our sport continues to grow and develop, Combat Sports Commission will
continue in the same direction.  We commit our resources to preserving the
integrity and viability of our sport by maintaining a true devotion to sanctioning,
promoting and developing Amateur Mixed Martial Arts competitions when and
where ever possible.  

How CSC is Different
Utilizing the above statement, The Board of Directors will be the sole governing body.  Supported by industry
standards, state laws, insurance regulations, and personal experiences, decisions for the successful
operations and career advancement for the fighters will be determined by this board.

Board meetings will take place on the second Saturday of January, annually, beginning at 12:00pm, at a
location to be announced prior to December 15, of each year.

Any Special Meetings may be called by no less than 2 (two) members and announced no later than 30 (thirty)
days prior to the requested meeting date.  No meeting shall take place without the Director of CSC or
Regional Director in attendance.
Staff and Officials
Medical Director                                     Dr. Dennis Daniels     Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Promoter-At-Large / Rankings Official                 OPEN
Staff Members
Colleen Pizzo - Missouri - STL
Mission Statement
Kris Heinz -Missouri - SW
Sam Scott -Missouri - SE
Don Smith- Missouri - SE
Chris Howell - Missouri
Keith Davis -Missouri - SW
Mark Vilcek -Missouri - STL
Yogi Felts -Missouri - STL
Jason Thomas - Missouri - SE
Don Davis Sr. - Missouri
Teresa Wooden  - Missouri - SW
Rodney Grither - Missouri
Legend:  BOLD Approved and Paid - Regular Print Need to register, click on name to register - (R) Rookie or in training
Dustin Severs - Missouri
Judges are assigned to an area and not to a travel group.
Timekeepers are assigned as needed and not to a travel group.
Referees are assigned as part of a Representative/ Referee travel group.
Representatives are assigned as part of a Representative/ Referee travel group.
Brian Higginbotham-Missouri-NE
                       Fighter Representative                                      OPEN                                 
Steve Snipes - Missouri
Andrew Girouard-Missouri
Amber Girouard-Missouri
Steve Berger-Missouri-STL
Don Davis Sr. - Missouri
Rodney Grither - Missouri
Dustin Severs - Missouri
Chris Howell - Missouri
Steve Snipes - Missouri
Darrell Cantrell-Missouri
Darrell Cantrell-Missouri
Jay D'Amato-Missouri
Andrew Girouard
West Representative
Aaron Jacobs-Rolla, MO-SW
Rob Ward-Sullivan, MO - SW
Pat Ybarra-St. James, MO - SW
Gary Faulk-Portageville, MO.- SE
Johnathan Weeks - MO-SE
Brad Lee Wick II - MO-SE
Robin D'Amato - MO-NE
Tim R Francis MO-SE
Rob A. Francis MO-SE
Joey Tinsley MO-SE
Dustin Wooden-Missouri-SW
CSC Director of Operations     
Andrew Girouard
33 Tanglewood Drive
Carl Junction, MO. 64834
Chris Neuman- SW
Thomas Dekorsey-SW
Wally Varner-SW
John Teufel-SW
Joey Tinsley
East Representative
Shawn Hussey -Missouri - SW
Shawn Hussey -Missouri - SW
Shawn Hussey -Missouri - SW

CSC Reports/Stats/Bout Approval Manager
Darryl Cantrell
Hartville, MO.
Randal Reeves -Missouri - SE
Joey Moore -Missouri - SE
Dallas Caldwell Jr. -Missouri - SE
Shelly Reeves -Missouri - SE
Shelly Reeves -Missouri - SE